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23 Times Limmy Was Each And Every Scottish Person

"He's a grass, Falconhoof."

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1. When he explained why we drink Irn-Bru all the time.


2. When he summed up T in the Park in seven seconds.

"Where's eh slam tent mate?"

3. When he proved A Christmas Carol would have been more entertaining if it had been set in Scotland.

4. When he offered this lifeline to people disappointed by the Conservative election victory.

To all you left leaning people down south: up you come. Up you come to Scotland. It's over. Fresh start. Don't look back. It's over.

5. But warned English refugees what they'll have to put up with if they do.

6. When he offered up this truly perfect impression of Summer Park Wankers.

7. When he said what we were all thinking about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Fuck sake. If you don't like T in the Park, don't go, it's as simple as that.

8. When he helped out David Cameron.

.@David_Cameron Here you go, you stupid cunt. You're welcome, you stupid cunt.

9. When he showed why you should never, ever call a Scottish woman a "cow".

10. When he mocked urban explorers.

Found a delightful piece of urban degenerative architecture. Just had to stop to photojournal. #photojournal

11. And teenagers' reactions to the Zayn Malik / 1D split.

Every time I think I'm over it: boom, it hits me again. #ZaynMalik #ZaynMalikGoSoloPlease

12. When he showed how hard it is to order French food if you're a) Glaswegian and b) Jacqueline McCafferty.


13. When he pointed out this uncanny resemblance.

Want to feel old? This is Ed Sheeran now.

14. And this one.

Want to feel old? This is Harry Styles now.

15. When he was every shirtless drunk guy on every scheme ever.

16. When he was always up-to-date and on point with his new music recommendations

Via @Daftlimmy on Twitter / Via

17. When he highlighted this perfect fit.

Welcome back, Australia. We missed you. #Eurovision2015

18. When he showed us just how amazing a Glaswegian fantasy phone-in TV quiz show would be.

BBC / Via

19. And highlighted this amazing similarity.

20. When his expression really did say it all.

21. When he reminded us to never lend our camera to strangers.

22. When he said what we were all thinking about Cumbernauld (sorry, Cumbernauld).

23. And when he did something to Ellen's famous Oscar selfie that you'll never be able to unsee.

Carry on being daft, Limmy.


Scotland loves you.