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    42 Reasons Cumbria Totally Ruins You For Life

    Come for the lakes, stay for the sticky toffee pudding.

    1. Because it's filled with incredible lakes that look like this:

    2. And forests that look like something out of a fantasy novel.

    3. Because you're never far from a view like this:

    4. Or this:

    5. Not to mention this:

    6. Because the locals are very friendly.

    7. Because it's quite literally paradise in spring.

    8. And it's glorious in summer too.

    9. Autumn is completely ridiculous.

    10. And winter is like something out of a dream.

    11. Because its food is unbeatable.

    12. And there's nothing more delicious than a traditional Cumberland sausage.

    13. Because you're constantly surrounded by a sense of history.

    14. And wonderful sights from the past.

    15. Plus, some of our buildings are seriously spectacular.

    16. While others are just downright gorgeous.

    17. Because our music festivals are way better (and prettier) than yours.

    18. Because you'd miss serene and dreamy scenes like this:

    19. And this:

    20. Not to mention all the wide, open spaces.

    21. Because there are weird and wonderful sights all around you.

    22. And you're never sure what you'll find around the next corner.

    23. Because if you left, you'd never get to live in a house like this:

    24. Because there are so many fun things to do...

    25. ...unusual places to explore...

    26. ...and exciting things to try.

    27. Plus you won't find crazy events like this anywhere else.

    28. Because our Sunday "strolls" look a bit like this:

    29. Or this:

    30. Or, if we're feeling particularly energetic, this:

    31. And you're never far from an awesome meal at the end of it.

    32. Because nothing is lovelier than a sparkling Cumbrian lake on a sunny day.

    33. Although it doesn't matter if it's cloudy; our lakes are beautiful even when the weather isn't.

    34. Because Cumbria is also home to a pretty big bit of the Yorkshire Dales.

    35. Because Kendal Mint Cake is the greatest snack in the world.

    36. And Kendal itself is pretty damn great too.

    37. Because if you left, you'd miss the cosy, pretty towns...

    38.'d miss the summer boat trips...

    39. ...and you'd definitely miss the gingerbread.

    40. In short, it's one of the most sublimely beautiful places on Earth.

    41. And there really isn't anywhere else quite like it.

    42. Just look at this. Why would you ever want to leave?