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21 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Personal Trainer

We're honestly not trying to kill you.

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1. We don't always enjoy working out.

Instagram: @slimmingworldmagic

Honestly, there are times that we really don't want to do it. We do enjoy exercise, but not 100% of the time. We all have that internal voice that says "JUST WATCH TV AND DRINK BEER," but unlike everyone else, it's our job. We have no choice.

2. We don't always eat healthily, either.

Instagram: @colin

For every wheatgrass-sipping, salad-loving trainer, there are secret Big Mac–eaters dotted around. Of course we have to be careful, but what if you don't really like steamed broccoli or stir-fried sprouts? It's a struggle to do the right thing.

3. A few of us smoke, too.

Instagram: @kaycff

It's the worst idea ever, but it's not exactly unheard of.


4. Clients hit on us fairly regularly.

Instagram: @romario_90_lv

When a client starts asking if we have a partner, they usually want to know if we're available and interested. Of course, sometimes we are. We're only human after all.

5. And sometimes, we do actually date our clients.

Instagram: @theothercouple

It's not against the rules, though we do try not to (it's a great way to lose a paying client, for a start), but sometimes you end up fancying the pants off each other.

6. We know when you're lying to us.

Look, we can tell you've slacked off or skipped the gym all week. We haven't seen you there for a start, plus you haven't progressed. At the end of the day, the more honest you are, the more we can help (see also: cheating on your diet plan).

7. Our friends often ask us for free sessions.

Instagram: @yeah_its_bs

You can kind of understand why, but it turns out it's hard to be a trainer when you don't have money for clothes, rent, or equipment. Don't hate us if we say no.


8. We might tell you to give 110%, but sometimes we only give about 60%, possibly less.

Instagram: @tiagofernandez_

Like everyone with a job, we sometimes don't want to be there. We might even be hungover, though we'd never admit it. Having said that, the occasional lazy day can sometimes help our performance long-term. At least, that's what we tell ourselves.

9. People tell you lots of very intimate things about themselves.

Instagram: @inked_fit

Clients often end up oversharing and telling us about their worries, holiday plans, intimate health issues, and relationship problems. It's like being a cross between a psychotherapist, a hairdresser, and a doctor.

10. Training requires getting close with a client, but sometimes people mistake it for flirting.

Instagram: @angiengcl

Our job is to be positive, encourage you, and – yes – touch you, but it doesn’t mean we want ​more​. We’re usually trying to get into your head, not your pants.

11. We hate leg day just as much as you do.

We're personal trainers, not masochists. Leg muscles release a lot of lactic acid when you work them, making them the most painful body part to exercise. We're not huge fans of pain, but we're also not fans of looking top-heavy.


12. Gyms are gross.

Instagram: @jelly_tot81

You know all those exercise mats you see lying around? They literally never get washed. You should always bring your own mat to workouts. And some antibacterial hand gel might not go amiss either.

13. And sometimes, we're gross too.

Instagram: @kambyqt

What's the point of washing our hair? It'll just get sweaty again in 10 hours. It's pretty easy to rely on dry shampoo and/or a sweatband.

14. A lot of clients have ridiculously unrealistic goals.

"I want to look like a Men's Health model in three weeks. Oh, but I can only make it to two sessions." "I'm getting married in a month and need to drop four sizes to get into my dress." Guys, we're personal trainers, not wizards.

15. We're not cheap, but we're worth the price.

Instagram: @nadzjaafar

You're thinking "Of course they'd say that", but it's honestly true. Those tailor-made plans really are tailor-made, and we spend ages coming up with personalised targets too. What goes on in sessions is just the tip of the iceberg.


16. Also, we're sometimes willing to haggle.

Instagram: @mrlonelyparm

We'll often offer a discount (though we rarely advertise them). It isn't considered unreasonable to ask for, say, a 10% discount off a series of 10 workouts if you're paying in full and in advance. You can also ask to share your session with a friend.

17. We get annoyed when people take selfies during a session.

We understand that you want to document your progress, but please try to wait until after the session to take a selfie, check into the gym on FB, or generally show off about the fact you're doing some exercise. Cheers.

18. And we get really angry if you argue with us.

For some reason people often think it's fine to disagree with our finely tuned exercise plans. We're the professional, you're paying us for a reason, and you really don't know best. It's really frustrating. Asking questions is fine, arguing isn't.

19. But we hate it even more when you whine.

Twitter: @tourjee

"I caaaan't." "It hurrrrrrts." Come on, you're an adult, not a little kid, so stop pouting and throwing a tantrum. You decided you wanted to get in shape and we're only trying to help you. We're not sadists, just professionals doing a (hard) job.


20. But our biggest pet peeve has to be people skipping appointments without letting us know.

Instagram: @_svandis_

Paying in advance doesn't make this OK. We have to prepare for sessions both mentally and physically. You'll be out of pocket if you skip them, and we'll be out several hours. It's a lose-lose situation, and shows a total lack of respect.

21. Most importantly: We're not trying to kill you, and we certainly don't hate you.

Instagram: @weightlosstransformations

We know we act tough, but we're just trying to help you to reach your goals. When you do, we're always proud of you. It's really rewarding, and that's why we became trainers in the first place. Plus, if we killed our clients we'd be broke in no time.