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    19 Batshit Desserts That Everyone Is Going Crazy For In Scotland

    From gin and tonic cakes to rainbow-coloured "unicorn" waffles, here are all the very best puds to eat in the greatest country on Earth.

    1. A peanut butter ice cream and strawberry jam doughnut from Baba Budan in Edinburgh.

    Facebook: bababudancoffee

    This clever take on a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the work of Edinburgh coffee shop Baba Budan. Other inspired flavours include Earl grey and rich tea biscuit; there's also a sumptuous whisky and raspberry cranachan option.

    2. A toffee popcorn, caramel, chocolate, and pretzel cake from Tea Jenny's in Falkirk.

    Holly Duncan / Tea Jenny's

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that this stacked cake was a Great British Bake Off showstopper, but it's actually made in a little tearoom in Falkirk. It's only one of a range of equally dazzling cakes at Tea Jenny's, you can see more photos here.

    3. Unicorn waffles from Flip n' Shake in Stirling.

    Instagram: @flipnshake

    This tiny diner in Stirling is a real hidden gem. It specialises in spectacular milkshakes, French toast, and pancakes, but their showstopper dessert has to be this vibrant combination of Belgian waffles, blueberry ice cream, and marshmallows.

    4. A salted caramel brownie cheesecake from Artisan Cheesecakes in Bathgate or Edinburgh.

    Przemyslaw Stradczuk for BuzzFeed

    This breathtaking chocolate mountain is a salted caramel brownie cheesecake from Artisan Cheesecakes, and it's just one of hundreds of options available. They also make cheesecake milkshakes by blending entire slices with ice cream.

    5. A Black Forest doughnut from Tantrum in Glasgow.

    This indulgent, fresh-from-the-oven doughnut is packed with cherry jam, chocolate custard and topped with a boozy kirsch frosting, freeze-dried cherry shards, and shavings of luxurious Valrhona chocolate.

    6. Vegan raspberry, rose, and vanilla cheesecake from Laurianne's Raw Cakes in Killearn.

    This truly beautiful cheesecake is free from gluten, dairy, and eggs, and gets its wonderful creaminess from cashews instead of heavy cream. Laurianne delivers across the Glasgow region, and you can order her gorgeous raw cakes here.

    7. A doughnut cookie sandwich from Nic's NYC Deli in Glasgow.

    No, your eyes aren't decieving you: this really is an entire caramel doughnut sandwiched between two chewy, slightly crisp peanut butter cookies. Oh, and it's also topped with crunchy honeycomb and fondant. It's not healthy, but it's divine.

    8. A toasted Oreo marshmallow ice cream milkshake from The Marshmallow Lady in Edinburgh.

    Brendan Macneill for BuzzFeed

    This oozingly delicious milkshake is made with gourmet vanilla bean marshmallows blended together with Mackie’s Scottish ice cream, topped with fresh cream and toasted, Oreo-studded marshmallows. Get in my face, now.

    9. A chocolate, fig, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry cake from Kitschnbake in Newport-on-Tay.

    Kitschnbake is pretty seafront café not far from Dundee, and it sells fantastic cakes like this spectacularly fruity number. It’s basically the most beautiful cake that ever lived, and probably counts as at least one of your five-a-day.

    10. Ice cream from Aunty Betty's in Stonehaven.

    Twitter: @JO_M_G

    This pretty, traditional seaside ice cream shop near Aberdeen sells huge cones generously topped with as many sweets as possible, as well as amazing ice cream cakes. If you're lucky, the sun might even shine while you're eating them.

    11. Gin and tonic cakes from Riverhill Coffee Bar in Glasgow.

    This bustling café in Glasgow city centre is mega popular with shoppers, not least because of its fantastic cakes like this amazing, zingy Scottish gin-infused sponge topped with a lime icing. It might not get you drunk, but it tastes great.

    12. Custard Tarte de Amendoa from Casa Amiga in Edinburgh.

    Facebook: AmigaCasa

    This Portuguese bakery has been getting rave reviews since it opened in 2014, with most of the praise heaped on its traditional pastel de nata; various traditional custard tarts like the light, creamy almond and nougat one above. Delicious.

    13. A Kinder Bueno freakshake from The Long Dog Cafe in Aberdeen.

    The Long Dog gets its name from its adorable resident dachshund, Gus. He's a firm favourite with visitors, as are the cafe's various awesome freakshakes like this towering creation made with Kinder chocolate and Black Isle Dairy ice cream.

    14. A Jammie Dodger slice from Mimi's Bakehouse in Edinburgh.

    Mimi's in Leith is an Edinburgh institution, and their playful Jammie Dodger traybake is a particularly popular option. It's made with smashed biscuits, caramel, and topped with white chocolate, homemade jam and even more biscuits. Bliss.

    15. A whisky cake from the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore.

    The mountain town of Aviemore is a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders, and what better way to warm up after a day on the slopes than with this whisky-packed pecan cake. Just make sure it doesn't get you too piste.

    16. An Innis and Gunn macaron from Mademoiselle Macaron in Edinburgh.

    "Mademoiselle Macaron" (Rachel Hanretty) trained at the Alain Ducasse cookery school in Paris, and specialises in creative wee cakes like this Innis and Gunn craft beer macaron. She also makes Irn-Bru and whisky macarons too.

    17. Malagasy wild pepper chocolate domes from Oxalys Patisserie in Perth.

    Twitter: @gegepastry

    This high end, stylish, and imaginative café is owned by French pastry chef and chocolatier Gerard Chouet, who does truly inspired things with cakes. These melt-in-the-mouth domes contain wild peppercorns from Madagascar. So fancy.

    18. A white chocolate and cardamom hot chocolate ice cream float from Mary's Milk Bar in Edinburgh.

    Brendan Macneill for BuzzFeed

    These stunning hot floats are loaded with fresh gelato, and they're made with handmade melted chocolate shards for an extra level of indulgence. If the flavour combination above doesn't appeal, don't worry: Mary has over 30 more options.

    19. And of course, a deep-fried Mars bar from The Carron chippy in Aberdeen.

    Facebook: pg

    Every good idea has to start somewhere, and the deep-fried Mars bar started at The Carron, a fish and chip shop in Aberdeen, so where better to experience this crucial part of Scotland's heritage? Plus, they're damn tasty, too (honest).