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    Literally Just 19 Utterly Batshit And Hilarious Scottish Texts

    "Ave been snapchatting this goth and she phones me before bed time to tell me scary stories haha."

    1. This truly fantastic fish update:

    2. This cheeky response:

    3. This baffling friendship:

    4. This absolutely daftie:

    5. This threat from an alarmed pigeon-fancier.

    Twitter: @calougrayy

    Who doesn't seem to realise it's just a joke.

    6. This series of truly baffled messages:

    7. This sweet but shit suggestion:

    my mum doesn't seem to understand exams

    8. And this far more useful advice:

    9. This tragic tale:

    Twitter: @kirsty_shevlin


    10. This smartarse:

    11. This weird AF prank:

    12. This cereal emergency:

    13. This heartless LOL:

    14. This confused mum who thinks Beyoncé is Rhianna:

    15. This furious dad's response to a prank:

    Twitter: @reecetaylor_97

    "Do you ken I've shagged yer maw." Er, yeah dad. But no one needs a reminder.

    16. And this mum's WTF text about Andy Murray:

    17. This epic, baffling toilet theft story:

    18. This snapshot of a very drunk evening:

    19. And, of course, this epic masterpiece:

    Scottish people, you are the best.

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