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    Posted on Nov 8, 2017

    These Scottish Tripadvisor Reviews Are Officially The Most Batshit Of All Time

    Thanks for your feedback, but we really have no idea what a tourist buffalo is.

    1. Nairn Beach: "Inedible" / Creative Commons / TripAdvisor

    2. Holyrood Palace: "A sandwich of oil and salt"

    Visit Scotland / Tripadvisor

    3. Camera Obscura: "A buffalo for tourists" / Tripadvisor

    4. Loch Ness: "Hole hole, despite what the hole"

    Pixabay / Creative Commons / Tripadvisor

    5. Eilean Donan castle: "Fake like Judas"

    Visit Scotland / Tripadvisor

    6. Arthur's Seat: "No roller coaster"

    Pixabay / Creative Commons / TripAdvisor

    7. Plockton Harbour: "Too sunny" / Tripadvisor

    8. The Fairy Pools: "Annoying"

    Pixabay / Creative Commons / Tripadvisor

    9. Edinburgh Castle: "Hello hello what"

    Visit Scotland / Tripadvisor

    10. Dean Gallery: "If I took a dump..."

    Flickr: jim6 / Creative Commons

    11. The Forth Bridge: "A train bridge ah ha ha" / Creative Commons

    12. Culloden: "Very bored off it" / Creative Commons / Tripadvisor

    13. The Clachaig Inn: "Midgets"

    Visit Scotland / Tripadvisor

    Um...I think they mean midges.

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