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Non-Scots React To 12 Deeply Weird Photos Of Scotland

"Y'alls hangover food is some next level shit."

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We gathered together 12 of the most baffling photos of Scotland that we could find and sent them to BuzzFeed colleagues in the US, Russia, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and London. This is what they said.

1. T in the Park 2015's "shoe guy".

Ye ken youve had enough when your calling yer maw fae yer shoe! #TITP

Dani (Germany): The iPhone 34 finally combines style and functionality.

Paul (London): What, that's just a Nokia. Nothing wrong with this.

Anna (Sydney): I mean if his shoe doubles as a phone, I want in on this technology.

Javi (LA): This must be a special edition iPhone made for music festivals. Cigarettes, earplugs, and regret not included.


Keely (LA): I love this drunk man. This drunk man is all of us.

2. The guy who showed up to a Berwickshire election event in a full suit of armour.

Twitter: @jamieross7

Adam (New York): When you're an extra on the Outlander set at 7 but you gotta be at the debate by 8.

Kat (Canada): Is that The Mountain?

Remee (London): As long as he doesn't create a pile of shit, leave it on our doorstep and then fuck off, then I don't give a shit what he's wearing.

Javi (Los Angeles): All political functions should have at least one instance of gladiatorial combat.

Sebastian (Germany): No one says "I don't give a fuck" more than this guy.

Hayes (New York): "AND MY AXE."


3. A breakfast munchie box.

Gena (London): I will have nightmares about those scrambled eggs in plastic containers for the rest of my life.

Kat (Canada): It's not the food that offends me, it's the incorrect use of "you're".

Paul (London): Nine quid for that to "you're" door? Sign me the fuck up.

Elaina (New York): THIS IS AWESOME.

Flo (London): I would be into this, but I don't believe scrambled eggs are meant to travel.

Javi (LA): Y'alls hangover food is some next level shit.

4. "Flue Poo Horror" man.

Matt (London): The homeowner must have been on the naughty list that Christmas.

Keely (Los Angeles): How did he get up there? Are the Scots a climbing people?

Anonymous (London): Scotland really needs to invest in public bathrooms.

Javi (Los Angeles): If this happened to me I wouldn't even be mad. I give this man an A for effort and execution.

Paul (London): Did they find out who it was yet? Seems important.

Kat (Canada): I've dated worse.

Flo (London): We've all been there, on a roof, needing a dump, and when you gotta go, you gotta go.

5. This Edinburgh-based street performer.

Twitter: @edinspotlight

Anna (Australia): I'm kinda drunk right now and the first thing I thought was, "why does the guy have a weirdly thick, short pink-headed dick sticking out of his ass?"

Scott (London): The Edinburgh Fringe has gone a bit downhill.

Victor (Russia): When you're socially awkward but you don't want other people to know it.

Paul (London): Manspreading is getting seriously inconvenient up there, huh?

Adam (New York): Why do Scottish people keep putting their heads places where they shouldn't go?

Flo (London): First Susan Boyle and now this. Scotland is overflowing with talent.

6. This sunbathing Glaswegian.

Keely (Los Angeles): Yes, this confirms that the Scots are indeed a climbing people.

Dani (Germany): The cover of Drake's follow up to "Views from the 6".

Matt (London): Someone get the Samaritans to help this man, seriously.

Hayes (New York): Wow, Spider-Man is really way less impressive in Scotland.

Remee (London): You won't be worried about that tan when you're dead.

Jenna (Australia): Sun's out, guns out.


7. This Dundee headline.

Instagram: @alexmcintosh1996

Dani (Germany): Who's a good dog? Not you, stoner.

Kat (Toronto): Do you guys really call mushrooms "mushies"? It's the same number of syllables. You're saving zero time.

Matt (London): Are Magic Mushies like mushy peas, and will they be coming to London kebab shops?

Hayes (New York): Damn, dog, why you bogarting?

Pierre (France): Is the dog okay? Do we have news from that dog? Was that dog at a rave? So many questions.

Elaina (New York): Pics or it didn't happen.

8. The man who tried to vacuum a puddle in Glasgow.

Adam (New York): Instead of having a sewer system, you guys just use vacuums to get rid of water after it rains?

Keely (Los Angeles): Is he vacuuming a puddle? Is he being ARRESTED for vacuuming a puddle? I feel bad for everyone in this picture.

Flo (London): Just an honest citizen trying to to make his city a better place.


Elaina (New York): That dude has been complaining about the terrible drainage on that corner for YEARS, and he's finally taking matters into his own hands.

Hayes (New York): What's going on here? Failure. Failure is going on here.

9. This "artwork" at the top of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

Javi (Los Angeles): I think this is a great example of kids putting down their phones and doing something productive.

Gena (London): This is something I would do because I'm a dickhead.

Jenna (Australia): Heh. Heh heh heh.

Paul (London): I went to a music festival once in a shit bit of the UK and a literal attraction there was a bucket of rocks with "make a shape" written on it. So obviously we made a stone cock. Later, the rocks became projectiles for whoever was on the nearest stage. The event wasn't very well thought out if I'm honest.

Dani (Germany): #art

Anonymous (London): I've always wanted to visit Dickhenge.

10. The Aberdeen guy who got his head stuck in a bin.

Dani (Germany): "Hello? Yes I'd like two Big Macs, two chips, and a Coke please."

Gena (London): A great representation of where all people who like Marmite should be.

Keely (Los Angeles): The best part of this is the guy in the vest pointing and cackling. Dude, you're wearing a vest.

Matt (London): All part of life's rich tapestry.

Remee (London): Did he accidentally throw away the McDonald's bag and then realised he had cheese bites in there that he forgot because he was too busy eating his Big Mac? Because I have been this man before.

Hayes (New York): Same tbh.

11. This Highland sign.

Kat (Canada): It's very considerate of those feral goats to stay within the 2-mile boundary.

Adam (New York): I mean, I'd rather know about this ahead of time than be surprised by a pack of feral goats in the road, so...

Anna (Australia): Look, we stop traffic for kangaroos and koalas. I expect you to be just as considerate to your goats, feral or not.

Elaina (New York): Those two miles will test everything you've ever learned, trust no one, be wary, don't look them in the eye.

Hayes (New York): Feral goats...or LA CHUPACABRA?

12. Kingsley, the Partick Thistle F.C. mascot.

Kat (Canada): The sun baby from Teletubbies all grown up?

Adam (New York): NOPE.

Anna (Australia): Was Monobrow Sun designed in MS Paint?

Sebastian (Germany)
: That's definitely a mascot you won't forget. And your children won't forget. They also won't fall asleep anymore.

Pierre (France): Niiiice. I always knew the sun was evil at heart.

Javi (Los Angeles): The marketing exec of what ever sports club this is really needs to lay off the drugs.

Paul (London): Jesus fuck.