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    You're Not Scottish If You Don't Look At These Photos And Think "This Is Me"

    Are you even Scottish if you didn't spend your teenage years pissed in a field?

    1. This is you when you have to deal with customers.

    2. This is you when your flatmate steals your food.

    3. And this is you when your takeaway is taking too long.

    4. This is you after a late-night curry.

    5. This dog is you when you try to exercise.

    6. This is you as a shopkeeper.

    7. And this is you if you ran a pub.

    8. This is you as a teenager.

    9. This deer is you when another person at the bar gets served before you, but you were clearly there first.

    10. This is you on a Sunday morning.

    11. These sunbathers are you at the beach.

    12. And this is you five seconds later.

    13. This is you from May to August.

    14. This is you whenever it snows.

    15. This is you doing karaoke.

    16. This is you when you're older.

    17. This is you leaving work.

    18. This is you when you're feeling rebellious.

    19. This is you whenever you get in a taxi.

    20. This is you as a parent.

    21. This is you doing your weekly shop.

    22. And this is you at the end of the month.

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