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    Posted on Dec 5, 2015

    People In Scotland Are Taking The Piss About The Forth Road Bridge Closure

    "Fifers gaun radge at the #Forthroadbridge apocalypse."

    On 4 December, it was announced that the Forth Road Bridge would be closed until the New Year.

    Forth Road Bridge will stay shut until the new year after discovery of defective steel work

    The bridge links The City of Edinburgh with Fife, and replaced a now-defunct ferry service when it was opened in 1964.

    Which isn't exactly great news for the roughly 65,000 people who use the bridge every day.

    The train 2 Fife is crowded but cheery. Big problem is how to get off. #ForthRoadBridge

    The bridge closure means commuters face an 65-mile detour by car, or an increasingly crowded train trip via the Forth Rail Bridge.

    It's also pretty bad news for the Scottish economy.

    Month-long Forth Road Bridge closure could cost Scottish economy £50m

    Lorries are being diverted for miles, and shoppers in Fife won't find it as easy to get to Edinburgh to do their Christmas shopping, amongst other things.

    But as ever, that didn't stop people seeing the funny side about the closure; they took to Twitter in droves.

    The commute from Fife going well this morning. #Forthroadbridge

    Some people took the piss out of the SNP.

    .@AlexSalmond's campaign car is ready for every scenario. #ForthRoadBridge

    Others took the piss out of the Tories.

    Tories Emergency plan to help commuters reach Fife.... #Forthroadbridge

    Some people took the piss out of Fifers.

    Fifers gaun radge at the #Forthroadbridge apocalypse.

    But then Fifers struck back.

    But the majority just took the piss out of the situation.

    "Don't worry guys we've got this" Seen headed towards the #ForthRoadBridge today 😉 #TrueNotTrue #Funny #Edinburgh

    #Forthroadbridge closure creates mayhem at Waverly

    Desperate scenes in North Queensferry as Fifers try to make contact with the outside world. #Forthroadbridge

    The commute haime for #fifers #Forthroadbridge

    I also think I will start operating a taxi service across the forth. Good rates for SNP members. #Forthroadbridge

    Time for #Sturgeon and #SNP to come clean, when did they first know about the #ForthRoadbridge Kraken?

    #Forthroadbridge Park & Ride system now up and running..

    Fifer travels home from Ikea with the new furniture. #FRB #Forthroadbridge

    Could we book this bloke until Christmas? #Forthroadbridge #fife #fifeapocolypse

    Desperate scenes off Cramond Island. #Forthroadbridge

    Thanks for keeping things cheery, Scotland.


    We salute you.

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