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    9 Contestants Who Really Couldn't Handle The Crystal Maze

    Early 90s adventure game show The Crystal Maze was fairly challenging. Unfortunately, some people really couldn't handle it.

    The Crystal Maze was an incredible game show.

    It featured one of the greatest TV presenters ever.

    ...and some of the worst prizes.

    It didn't really matter though, because the contestants were totally useless.

    1. U3 Guy.

    2. This woman.

    3. Cad the stairmaster.

    4. The contestant who forgot she had legs.

    5. The skeleton botherer.

    6. "I touched a mirror. Will that do?"

    7. "Door? What door?"

    8. Woman overboard.

    9. Sarah the destroyer.

    Bonus entry: this woman (again).

    One thing's for sure. None of them deserve this.