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    28 Pictures That Will Make British Thirtysomethings Cry With Nostalgia

    "Ex'cla-ma'tion: Make a statement without saying a word."

    1. The Big Breakfast house.

    Channel 4

    You can probably even remember the address. All together now: "Lock Keeper's Cottages, Old Ford Lock, London E3 2NN."

    2. And this wooden bird with purple hair.

    Twitter: @TFIFridayLIVE

    "He's stuck to the pole so he can't go nowhere." Oh, TFI Friday, you were a gift.

    3. Ex'cla-ma'tion perfume.

    Twitter: @HAPPYMEM0R1ES

    With its weird bottle and more misplaced apo's'tro'ph'es than a shop blackboard.

    4. The edgy delight that was This Life.


    And staying up late to watch it because it was fucking great. Remember when Milly punched Rachael at Miles' wedding? Amazing.

    5. The wonders of Going Live!


    *dials 081 811 8181* "Hello, is that Phillip Schofield?"

    6. Learning to read with Wordy on Words and Pictures


    It was always a thrill when the teacher wheeled the TV into the classroom.

    7. And those shows-within-a-show on Words and Pictures as well. They were quite odd.


    Like Through the Dragon's Eye.

    8. Woof!: the best programme about a boy who repeatedly turned into some kind of terrier.


    Bonus nostalgia points for The Real Ghostbusters bedding in the background.

    9. This batshit music video by Shakespear's Sister.

    FFRR / Giphy

    "Stayyyyyyy with meeeeEEEEeeEEEE!" Also, they spelt "Shakespeare" wrong.

    10. And the hilarious French and Saunders spoof.

    BBC / BuzzFeed

    So much better than the original.

    11. Major Morgan!

    Twitter: @HAPPYMEM0R1ES

    What was he for, exactly? No one is quite sure. But he had a nice smile.

    12. This cat, with his wealth of safety information. / Creative Commons

    "Charlie says always tell your mummy."

    13. This epic (and scary) claymation show.

    ITV / Giphy

    Don't you open that trap door, Berk! You're a fool if you dare. Don't you open that trap door...because there's something down there.

    14. This dance routine.


    All '80s and '90s kids still automatically start doing this as soon as we hear someone shout, "Heyyyyyyy Macarena."

    15. The wonder duo that was 2 Unlimited.

    Twitter: @marianomorap

    "No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no THERE'S NO LIMIT." Such genius.

    16. This delicious Dairy Milk dispenser.

    Twitter: @HAPPYMEM0R1ES

    The chocolate tasted better out of this machine somehow.

    17. And getting sweets and weird plastic balls with stuff inside them from one of these.

    Twitter: @HAPPYMEM0R1ES

    Such a bargain.

    18. Ice cream–flavour Chewits.

    Twitter: @0h_my_gl0b

    They didn't taste that much like ice cream, but they were delicious little condensed milky vanilla blobs.

    19. Maid Marian and Her Merry Men


    One of the best TV shows of all time, with the catchiest songs as well. "It's pancake day, it's pancake day, it's p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pancake day."

    20. These unsuitable, subsequently banned treats.

    Twitter: @HAPPYMEM0R1ES

    They didn't taste that nice either. Eating paper isn't much fun, Superman.

    21. Games like these.

    Twitter: @IL0VEthe80s

    They were way more fun than anything you'll ever get on an Xbox One.

    22. Not to mention Prince of Persia.


    Games were truly difficult back in our day.

    23. This joyous sight.

    Twitter: @Il0vethe90s

    "A text message? For me? WHAT A NOVELTY!"

    24. Floella Benjamin.

    Twitter: @PulpLibrarian

    Definitely the best, most memorable Playschool presenter.

    25. The original Grange Hill intro.

    BBC / / HAPPYMEM0R1ES/status/801159305592537089

    Not enough TV shows have intros featuring sausage theft these days.

    26. PJ being blinded by paintballs on Byker Grove.

    BBC / Giphy

    We all learned a valuable lesson that day.

    27. Plastic tubes full of lovely Pogs.

    Twitter: @Il0vethe90s

    What were they for? What was the point of them? Why did we all want so many of them? Please send answers on a postcard to Lock Keeper's Cottages, Old Ford...

    28. And hunting for your next victim in an Argos catalogue.

    RIP all these generic virtual pets. Gone, but never forgotten.

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