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19 Piss-Funny "Simpsons" Moments That Perfectly Sum Up Scotland

Lisa: "Can you say something nice about Scotland?" Willie: "Well, sometimes the fog comes in and covers everything terrible."

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1. When they highlighted our fondness for tough love.

We do not mollycoddle anyone or anything. Especially not babies.

3. Or to let anyone else experience them.

"Stop your snivellin' and greetin', plenty have it worse." – Our national motto.


8. When Willie was everyone's dad at the end of a party.


Singing angry songs about Culloden, the Highland Clearances, and the 3-0 defeat suffered by Scotland in the recent World Cup qualifiers first round.

9. And when he reminded you of every drunk rugby fan you've ever sat across from on a train.

So many bollock-flashes.


15. When they showed the world what it's like to use Tinder in a small Scottish village.

"My only match is me."

16. And when they nailed our collective dating strategy.

There's 5 million of us, so it definitely works.

17. When they introduced the world to "North Kilttown".

All Scottish people are from here.

19. And when they summed up our age-old rivalries.

*rolls up sleeves* 'MON THEN. WE'LL FIGHT THE LOT OF YE.