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    19 Piss-Funny "Simpsons" Moments That Perfectly Sum Up Scotland

    Lisa: "Can you say something nice about Scotland?" Willie: "Well, sometimes the fog comes in and covers everything terrible."

    1. When they highlighted our fondness for tough love.

    We do not mollycoddle anyone or anything. Especially not babies.

    2. And our stoic refusal to experience emotions.


    Why hug, when you can just nod and/or call someone a "guid cunt"?

    3. Or to let anyone else experience them.

    "Stop your snivellin' and greetin', plenty have it worse." – Our national motto.

    4. When they came out with this gem.


    That's haar-dly fair.

    5. When they got this fact 100% right.


    Just because we're tough, doesn't mean we can't be stylish.

    6. When they summed up our communication problems.


    This is what happens literally every time we try to talk to an American.

    7. When they nailed our hobbies down to a tee.


    As everyone knows, we like nothing better than culling the invasive grey squirrels who are driving out the resident red squirrel population. Also, alcohol.

    8. When Willie was everyone's dad at the end of a party.


    Singing angry songs about Culloden, the Highland Clearances, and the 3-0 defeat suffered by Scotland in the recent World Cup qualifiers first round.

    9. And when he reminded you of every drunk rugby fan you've ever sat across from on a train.

    So many bollock-flashes.

    10. When they nailed the pain of going to an away game.


    This is why we go en masse, as a tartan army.

    11. When they summed up all Yes campaigners.


    They missed out the "SAOR ALBA" tattoo and stack of leaflets though.

    12. When they perfectly described every single hipster food stand at every single Scottish festival.


    Haggis quesadillas are all well and good, but sometimes we just want a pie.

    13. When they showed the end of a night out in Glasgow.


    This is 100% what happens when the lights come on in Sub Club.

    14. When they had a truly excellent name for the lowest setting on Willie's new air conditioner.


    SO COLD.

    15. When they showed the world what it's like to use Tinder in a small Scottish village.

    "My only match is me."

    16. And when they nailed our collective dating strategy.

    There's 5 million of us, so it definitely works.

    17. When they introduced the world to "North Kilttown".

    All Scottish people are from here.

    18. When they showed Willie drinking Bucky.



    19. And when they summed up our age-old rivalries.

    *rolls up sleeves* 'MON THEN. WE'LL FIGHT THE LOT OF YE.