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    17 Things Overheard In Glasgow

    The Overheard In Glasgow Facebook group is amazing. Here are its best bits.

    1. She'll naughty corner the lot of ye.

    Via Thinkstock / Overheard In Glasgow

    2. Global Monkey Takeover II?

    Via Thinkstock/ Overheard In Glasgow

    3. Aye: he bought it in the Primark on Sauchiehall St.

    Creative Commons/ Thomas Nugent/ Overheard In Glasgow / Via

    4. He probably does.

    Via Thinkstock/ Overheard in Glasgow

    5. "Dae yae want mayonnaise?"

    Via Thinkstock/ Overheard in Glasgow

    6. "I've got some good news and some bad news."

    Creative Commons/ Helen Simonsson/ Overheard in Glasgow / Via

    7. Best. Insult. Ever.

    Flickr: 88869718@N00 / Via Flickr: Tomek Augustyn/ Overheard In Glasgow

    8. Haters gonnae hate.

    Flickr: 90664717@N00 / Via Flickr: Akuppa John Wigham/ Overheard In Glasgow

    9. Ah'm a meringue or ah'm a right? / Via Creative Commons/ Overheard In Glasgow

    10. Maybe it's a souvenir, like a theme park ride photo. / Via Creative Commons: Maccoinnich/ Overheard In Glasgow

    11. POWER BURDS. / Via Creative Commons/ Overheard in Glasgow

    12. Best. Review. Ever. / Via Creative Commons/ Julian Nitzsche/ Overheard in Glasgow

    13. An epic shite, from the sound of it. / Via Creative Commons: John Lindie/ Overheard In Glasgow

    14. That's almost enough for a single to Harthill.

    Flickr: 61132483@N00 / Via Flickr: Les Chatfield/ Overheard in Glasgow

    15. Then they both tried to fight and fell over. / Via Creative Commons: AlistairMcMillian/ Overheard In Glasgow

    16. A legend indeed. / Via Creative Commons/ Overheard in Glasgow

    17. Elton John wisnae amused. / Via Creative Commons/ Overheard in Glasgow

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