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11 Reasons "Xena: Warrior Princess" Is Better Than "Game Of Thrones"

Sex? Intrigue? Political machinations? Whatever. Xena had all that and more way back in the mid '90s.

1. The intro had proper talking in it.

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...none of that pretentious "huge CGI cities being winched into place" nonsense you get in Game of Thrones. Xena's intro told you what the show was about and - more importantly- that it had both passion and danger in it. Game of Thrones tells you nothing: it's like fancy advert for a cog and map shop.

2. Game of Thrones has too many characters.

3. Xena is a delicious variety pack of historical periods.

4. Xena contained way more girl on girl, er, wrestling.

5. This thing.

6. People hardly ever make this noise in Game of Thrones.

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All together now..."aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi,,, *takes deep breath*... yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi"

7. Xena didn't have Joffrey in it....

8. ...but it DID have plenty of confusing, barely explained sexual yearning.

9. Xena dated Khal Drogo years before Daenerys.

10. Game of Thrones' only female warrior is a wuss.

11. Xena's so tough, she punches cameras in the face.