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    16 Optical Illusions Your Brain Will Refuse To See Correctly

    "Wait, what?!" –Your brain

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    1. This image is not slowly rotating:

    Vectordivider / Getty Images

    2. This is not a GIF:

    Chris The Composer / Getty Images

    3. There are not flashing black dots at every intersection in this image:

    Yurii Zasimov / Getty Images

    4. These lines are not slanted:

    Zuberka / Getty Images

    5. These circles are not shifting every time you move your eyes:

    Drb5657 / Getty Images

    6. This tiled image is not slanted to the left:

    7. You can not see all 12 of the black dots in this image at once, no matter how hard you try:

    8. The lines in this image do not intersect:

    9. These two circles are not warped. They're perfectly round:

    10. These line pairs are not alternating between curved and pointed. Other than different shading, they're identical:

    11. The rows and columns in this image are not slanted at different angles. They're all parallel to one another:

    12. This image does not ripple when you scroll past it:

    13. The white diamond shapes are not moving when you scroll:

    14. This image is not just lines and boxes. There are 16 circles in there as well:

    15. The gray bar in this image is not a shaded gradient. It's one color:

    16. This ferris wheel is not slowly creeping to the right:

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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