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    20 Cakes That Ruined Someone's Birthday

    Birthdays are a special time in a person's life. Why not destroy that for someone with a terrible, terrible cake?

    1. Naughty Spiderman


    "Happy Birthday, Timmy! I thought it would make a great present if your mom and I RUINED your favorite cartoon in cake form!"


    3. This cake


    Mmmm, thanks for the cake filled with washing machine liquid!

    4. Jonas Brothers cake

    5. Miley Cyrus cake


    I really wouldn't want to eat a cake that looked like it was screaming at me.

    6. Ronald Reagan


    Reagan certainly splurged on this cake.

    7. 10001001


    Somewhere, there was a glitch in the birthday cake matrix.

    8. Happy Bathday!

    9. Princess cake


    A real cake for the princess who likes to keep it real.

    10. Pedo-cake

    11. Sincerity Cake

    12. Illiterate cake

    13. Yeah, it's poop cake.

    Thanks a lot for the worst birthday ever.

    14. Lil' Wayne cake


    Terrifyingly delicious.

    15. Kill one bird with 4 stones

    16. Dad cake


    Either this is an inside joke...or this guy is a really terrible father.

    17. The "you're old enough to know" cake


    18. Paris Hilton cake


    The only thing worse than Paris Hilton is anything themed as "Paris Hilton"

    19. Emo cake


    Tell your friend exactly how much you really care about them with this cake.

    20. Twilight Anime cake

    I wish I could say this ruined someone's birthday. But, it probably didn't.

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