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    17 Things You Need To Eat In Peckham Right Now

    Peckham is hot right now

    1. Thai Fish Cakes at The Begging Bowl

    Helen Graves / Via

    These bouncy fish cakes have just the right balance of authenticity and guilty pleasure. Served with house made sweet chilli sauce.

    2. Lamb Wrap at Asian Takeaway

    Helen Graves / Via

    Cheap, tasty and cooked right in front of you in the tandoor. Yes, Asian Takeaway IS the name of the restaurant. All the local stallholders eat here.

    3. Turkish Delight Sundae at Persepolis Cafe

    4. Any Pasta Dish at Artusi

    Chris Pople / Via

    Every pasta dish at Artusi is super silky, satisfying and classy as hell.

    5. Suya at Obalende Suya Express

    Helen Graves / Via

    Nigerian BBQ heaven in deepest Peckham. Suya is rubbed in a mixture of spices and peanuts then served with jollof rice.

    6. Juice from Ali Baba Juice Bar

    7. Bacon and Eggs at Peckham Refreshment Rooms

    8. Vegetarian Street Snacks at Ganapati

    Helen Graves / Via

    These highly spiced nibbles have stayed on the menu at this South Indian restaurant for good reason. Spicy fried potato balls and ground chana dal with ginger, curry leaf and green chilli come with moreish dips.

    9. Jerk Chicken at JB's Soul Foods

    Helen Graves / Via

    To find JB's, just follow the smoke trail coming from the jerk drum around the back.

    10. 100 Day Chicken at Forza Win

    11. Any Sandwich at Anderson & Co.

    12. Traditional Nigerian Snacks at Cafe Spice

    Inawaz3 / Via

    Meat pies, puff puff, gizzards, moin moin. Get them all at Cafe Spice on Rye Lane.

    13. St. John Custard Doughnuts from General Store

    14. Pie Mash and Liquor at Manze's

    15. Grilled Quail at Peckham Bazaar

    Helen Graves / Via

    Who doesn't want sticky, smoky grilled quail?

    16. Brunch at Lerryn's

    17. Street Food at Peckham Springs

    Fundi Pizza / Via Facebook: fundipizza

    Peckham Springs can be found under the arches off Rye Lane, hosting lots of London street food favourites, like Fundi Pizza.

    Bonus! A negroni at Frank's Rooftop Bar

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