12 Delicious Snacks That You Will Never Have The Joy Of Eating Again…

A list of discontinued food and drinks you probably enjoyed as a child.

1. P.B. Crisps

If you’re a peanut butter lover, the fact that you’ll never be able to eat these again probably saddens you. They were sooo tasty!

2. Orbitz

These things tasted weird all the way down… but they sure were fun!

3. French Toast Cereal

I’m not sure enough people gave these a chance, because DAMN they were good!

4. Doritos 3D’s

Yes, they cut the HELL out of the roof of your mouth… But the taste made it all worth it!

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal

They were not-so-great chex with not-so-great marshmallows… But you begged your mom for them anyway!

6. Sprinkle Spangles

Another not-that-great tasting cereal… But it had sprinkles, people! SPRINKLES. And therefor, we had to have it.


God, I wish these were still around. They were beyond tasty!

8. String Thing

Better than a Fruit Roll Up because they didn’t stick to your teeth and more fun than fruit snacks!

9. Fingos

They were cereal that was meant to be eaten dry. Genius,

10. Magic Middles

Easily the most delicious cookies of all time… Why they no longer make these, I will never know. I believe there is an online petition.

11. Cinn-A-Burst

SO good… Why on earth would they discontinue this!?

12. Surge

In my opinion, Surge was nasty, but we all drank it anyway because it was the closest thing we kids had to “getting drunk”. This stuff made is LOOPY!

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