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    36 Things To Help Make Your Bedroom Cozier Than Ever This Winter

    Ready, set, snuggle.

    1. A sloth essential oil diffuser to help you ~slow down~ after a chaotic day.

    2. A set of heavy flannel sheets that'll make you late every morning because you simply won't want to leave your bed.

    3. A white noise sound machine to soothe you to sleep each evening.

    4. A pair of fleece pajamas that have POCKETS and'll provide you with some much-needed comfort after a cold commute. Need I say more?

    5. A $40 humidifier can help prevent your bedroom air from resembling that of the Sahara Desert.

    6. A temperature regulating comforter that'll help you sleep through the night without the annoyance of overheating or being too cold.

    7. And a set of printed sheets to pair perfectly with the hygro cotton comforter.

    8. A curtain of twinkle lights that'll make you feel like you're sleeping inside a magical fairyland. Who wouldn't want that?

    9. A memory foam chair, so comfortable your friends will happily join you in your winter hibernation.

    10. Chic throw pillow covers featuring delicate tassels, because making your bedroom feel ultra cozy shouldn't be a hassle.

    11. A cozy blanket over 4,300 Amazon reviewers gave a five-star review. If you're not snuggling with this blanket this winter, I'm judging you.

    12. An Amazon Fire Stick so whether you want to watch Harry Potter or every season of Seinfeld, you won't have to leave your room.

    13. And a universal remote attachment, because no one wants to fumble with three different remotes trying to figure out which one will turn the TV on when they're just trying to relax.

    14. A luxurious silk pillowcase that'll make you feel like you're staying in a fancy hotel rather than your tiny apartment.

    15. An electric fireplace to create the ultimate cozy experience right inside your very own bedroom.

    16. A knit weighted blanket unlike any you've probably seen before — it's weighted naturally with a layering technique instead of with artificial filling. And it looks SO snuggly!

    17. A set of blackout curtains, because the light of day is over-rated.

    18. A book-scented candle that'll make you feel like you're spending the winter in the library from Beauty and the Beast.

    19. An upholstered platform bed to create the illusion that you're lounging in a cloud.

    20. Or a canopy bed frame to make you feel like you're a descendant of the royal family while you snuggle up and watch the latest season of The Crown.

    21. A laptop tray so you can have your cake and eat it in bed. Or just, you know, watch a movie on your computer.

    22. A macrame swing for the corner of your room — just imagine how soothing it would be to curl up with a blanket and nap or read in there. Delightful.

    23. Or a faux fur stool — perfect for when you want to kick your feet up and relax.

    24. Lunar garland you'll find yourself ~mooning~ over every time you lay down on your bed after a particularly long day.

    25. A chenille floor cushion to provide extra (but still SO comfortable) seating for anyone who gets sucked into your I'm-not-leaving-the-house-this-winter plans.

    26. A bedside shelf organizer that'll hold your iPad, phone, charger, and remotes so you'll never have to remove all of your covers in a panic trying to find your seemingly-lost gadget...again.

    27. Hypoallergenic bed sheets, so comfortable they'll have you cancelling plans because you'd much rather be in bed.

    28. And a down comforter you can dive right into and turn yourself into a human burrito for the next few cold months.

    29. A memory foam mattress topper infused with lavender that'll transform your current one into a soothing, heavenly surface.

    30. A headboard lamp to provide you with the perfect amount of lighting to either fall asleep by accident or read your favorite book without putting on a too-bright overhead light. Both sound like great options to me, TBH.

    31. A standing heater/fan combo that'll make sure your safe haven of a bedroom is an ideal temperature no matter what.

    32. A "Do Not Disturb" candle featuring a mix of lavender, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla, perfect for anyone whose ideal "best day" includes being left completely alone.

    33. Or a Himalayan salt lamp you'll love if candles make you sneeze because it'll create a similar soft, warm glow in your room without additional scents.

    34. A therapy lamp to recreate the feeling of sitting in the sun, even when you choose to stay indoors all day.

    35. An electric hand warmer that'll keep you feeling nice 'n' toasty even when the weather outside is as cold as your heart.

    36. And a total body pillow, because hibernating is even better when you have someone (or something) to cuddle with.

    Sweet dreams, homebodies!

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