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    Just 51 "Star Wars" Products You Might Want To Buy Today

    There are obviously "Baby Yoda" items in here.

    1. A Star Wars x Love Your Melon beanie that'll ensure your head stays nice 'n' toasty while you're traveling to a galaxy far, far away.

    2. A "The Child" Funko Pop to keep you company while you plug away at your desk during your 9 to 5. Beware: you may break out into uncontrollable squeals because it's just that cute.

    3. A Star Wars sweater you can wear to the premiere of the latest film and to your office's ugly Christmas sweater party. Win-win!

    4. An electronic Chewbacca mask that actually replicates his sound and will have your friends saying "what's cookin' good wookin'?"

    5. A LEGO Droid Commander kit, because it's about damn time you had a droid to call your own (and admit it, you've always wanted to learn a little about coding).

    6. A badass Princess Leia tribute T-shirt you'll want to wear under all of your clothes until the new movie comes out in December.

    7. A Chewbacca seatbelt cover, guaranteed to keep you comfortable during your family road trip to Disney to check out Star Wars Land.

    8. Star Wars socks featuring Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, and R2D2, so you'll be able to feel the force right down to your toes.

    9. A R2D2 Instant Pot that might just make the chef/droid–lover tear up because they'll be able to have dinner ready to go without wasting a moment of precious binge-watching time.

    10. A Darth Vader apron that'll give you the perfect excuse to say "I am your father" while your kids are acting up while you're trying to cook dinner.

    11. Millennium Falcon cufflinks, so stylish they'll take your outfit into hyperspace-levels of cool.

    12. A lightsaber umbrella that'll turn you into a jedi every time the skies open up.

    13. A "Periodic Table of Star Wars" shirt your 10th grade science teacher would have applauded and probs given you extra credit for wearing.

    14. A pie dish complete with one of the galaxy's cutest creatures, so you can whip up delicious and amusing treats for your next Star Wars marathon and still be porg-fectly on theme.

    15. Chic embossed leather slip-on sneakers from Toms that'll look make your endless toe-tapping to the "Imperial March" look even more fabulous.

    16. A backpack you can use to carry your laptop or hold all the plans to destroy the Death Star.

    17. A Camelbak water bottle customized with Star Wars character icons and your name, essential for sipping out of while waiting on line to get tickets to the movie.

    18. Storm Trooper luggage you can use to march through TSA like you're on your way to battle.

    19. A Death Star–shaped cheeseboard set that would impress the helmet off of Darth Vader himself.

    20. A Millennium Falcon tie I'm sure your future spouse would love if you wore on your wedding day.

    21. An elegant shirt featuring a combination of Star Wars and Van Gogh's Starry Night — what more would you want in a tee?

    22. A Death Star herb grinder because you're not a true Star Wars fan unless you've incorporated the franchise into your kitchen.

    23. An accurate onesie that'll make you giggle even when your kiddo wakes you up in the middle of the night for a diaper change.

    24. A set of LED lightsaber chopsticks you'll probably misplace in your utensil drawer but then have the opportunity to exclaim "THESE are the ones I've been looking for!" once you finally find them.

    25. A Levi's x Star Wars hoodie featuring a trendy design you'll be glad to keep in your closet instead of a galaxy far, far, away.

    26. A floral Storm Trooper tee for a stylish way to honor the Empire.

    27. A "Baby Yoda" sticker to add to the coveted collection that lives on your laptop or water bottle.

    28. An R2D2 mini popcorn maker you'll get a lot of use out of now that you're likely bingeing all kinds of Star Wars content thanks to Disney+.

    29. Speaking of Disney+, a subscription to it that'll provide you with a way to watch all the original films, The Mandalorian, Clone Wars, and WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE IN THE FUTURE!

    30. A graphic tee that'll perfectly explain the sound a TIE fighter makes during an epic battle to anyone who (GASP!) hasn't seen Star Wars.

    31. A pair of undies in case you're a secret Star Wars fan and don't want the world to know if given the choice to swap lives with anyone it would be Princess Leia.

    32. 3D-printed Star Wars–themed ears you'll love so much you'll make excuses to book Disney trips just so you can show 'em off.

    33. A 1000-piece puzzle for you and your roomies to work on while you rewatch all the classic Star Wars battle scenes.

    34. A set of patent art posters featuring iconic Star Wars ships and machinery that any true fan of the movies would appreciate.

    35. Star Wars–inspired Ultraboost sneakers from Adidas so you can feel like you're being powered by ~the force~ with every step you take.

    36. A rolling pin you can use to emboss your most-loved Star Wars characters onto cookies for your next viewing party.

    37. An Ewok tank top for anyone who is obsessed with those furry lil' guys as well as Migos (you never know).

    38. A music box that'll play the famous Star Wars melody, likely to make jedis of all ages tear up.

    39. A Star Wars mobile, so darling every proud parent will want to have one hanging in their child's nursery.

    40. A Darth Vader hilt immersion blender you won't realize you needed 'til you feel its force.

    41. A denim trucker jacket featuring one of the most iconic Star Wars quotes you'll want to spend all your Imperial credits on.

    42. Or a TIE fighter desk lamp that'll have any Star Wars–lover shaking in their jedi robe.

    43. A Star Wars pop-up book you can use to blast into hyperspace for a quick journey through the galaxy when you don't have the time to watch The Force Awakens again.

    44. A lightsaber hoodie that actually glows for when your dog wants to ~take a walk~ on the dark side.

    45. A ~charming~ Batuu moon necklace you'll get tons of compliments on when visiting there via the Disney Parks.

    46. A baking mat of the blueprints for the Millennium Falcon because parchment paper could NEVER impress the Rebel Alliance like this.

    47. A bodysuit featuring C3PO and R2D2 to prep your little one for a lifetime of Star Wars.

    48. R2D2 string lights that'll provide the perfect backlighting while you ~enlighten~ your roomie who prefers Star Trek why YOUR fandom is better.

    49. An adorable air freshener that'll make your car smell fresher than Mando looks in his new armor.

    50. A T-shirt of the Solo family you can wear in honor of some of your favorite characters — just try not not to tear up when you catch a glance of yourself in the mirror.

    51. And an actual freakin' lightsaber you can customize from the hilt and the aesthetic features to the sound effects. Kylo Ren is shaaaaking.

    You, looking at your credit card bill after shopping for everything Star Wars:

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