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33 Practical Baby Gifts To Get Your Friend Who Just Had Their First Kid

I wish they made all of these soothing gadgets and toys for me, jeez.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

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1. A walker from Joovy that'll provide their tyke with a way to play, snack, and explore all in one.

a baby in the joovy walker

2. A convertible activity table their little one will be able to use from the time they're 4 months to 5 years old. It comes with six toys that have light up buttons and musical effects any child would be enamored by.

3. A robot vacuum with over 36K 5-star reviews they can rely on to clean up their disaster zone of a home while they adjust to being a parent.

4. A high-tech baby swing featuring five unique motions and speeds as well as Bluetooth connectivity, so you can set your bestie's offspring up with the ultimate nap situation. Do they make this in adult sizes?

5. A 72-page memory book for the ambitious parent who actually wants to make an attempt to take note of all their kiddo's milestones as they happen.

6. A 3-in-1 Fridababy humidifier, diffuser, and night-light to (fingers crossed) help their baby's nursery achieve the *perfect* ambience for a looooong slumber (we're hoping for a full eight hours here).

a reviewer's white fridababy diffuser

7. A Baby Brezza formula dispensing machine to mix and warm bottles for their little one — it'll make those middle-of-the-night feeding sessions a bit more bearable for everyone involved.

Model putting bottle up to white and black formula machine

8. A Skip Hop play pen complete with a lil' entertainment center to settle the never-ending storms that seem to erupt from that tiny human they brought into the world.

9. Expandable drawer organizers from Oxo, so when their kiddo ruins yet another outfit (it's inevitable) they'll quickly be able to grab an appropriate one to change them into.

a drawer with dividers in it separating baby clothing

10. A caddy starring Mickey Mouse they'll easily be able to attach onto their stroller and fill with all the many things they need for an adventure outdoors with their little one.

disney diaper bag attached to a stroller handle

11. A set of cotton dresses with playful patterns on them, available in *so* many styles you might find yourself wishing Santa could leave you an adult sized one under the tree, too.

12. A set of teething toys made of BPA-free silicone to keep their baby company while they chew away and relieve some of the unpleasant feelings in their gums.

13. A wooden walker little ones will love using as they learn to toddle about on their own — it also has plenty of room to store their fave toys for the ride.

a baby pushing a seafrom green wagon with a tall handle

14. A darling Delta Children bassinet with a celestial theme and features any tired parent will consider to be *~out of this world~*. We're talkin' soothing sounds, a night-light, a water-resistant mattress, and a large storage shelf.

a baby in the white bassinet on wheels

15. A 2-in-1 silicone feeder pacifier they can use to introduce their baby to new foods (yuuuum!) and help soothe painful gums (teething, fun!). They can fill it with frozen fruits, veggies, or milk and take a sigh of relief when they see how much their kiddo enjoys it.

16. A brushed-cotton crib sheet that'll feel nice 'n' soft against baby's skin and match the ones their parents have and love on their own bed.

ochre colored sheets in a crib

17. A Coterie diaper subscription to ensure they never find themselves without, arguably, the most important staple in any parents' household.

a baby in a diaper

18. A Halo Swaddle that can be worn in three different ways, guaranteed to keep their mini-me comfy and cozy at all times.

a baby in a halo swaddle

19. And a Halo SleepSack in a fun Disney print for when they grow and want a bit more freedom — this version features an inverted zipper that'll make diaper changes a breeze.

a baby in a finding nemo print sleep sack

20. A Colugo stroller in a stylish design that'll show the other parents at the park your friend is *not* here to mess around when it comes to fashion, safety, and accessibility. This stroller has it all!

the bella twins pushing their kids in the strollers

21. Or a super-lightweight travel stroller from Bombi, in case you've grown tired of watching your bestie struggle to lift their stroller and their kiddo time and time again.

a red stroller and a black stroller

22. A Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, because why not add another gadget into the mix? This one will automatically sterilize bottles, breast pump parts, and other accessories with natural steam.

23. A glider and matching ottoman for those late night and early morning feeding sessions. They'll love how comfortable it is and how cute it looks in the nursery when they're not sleepily sitting in it at 4 a.m.

a cream colored glider with a matching ottoman

24. A Skip Hop changing pad with a darling mobile above it to keep their antsy kiddo distracted while they handle the dirty work. Sigh, being a baby is *so* much better than being an adult.

a gray changing pad being wiped down

25. A cradle cap comb that'll remove dry skin from baby's scalp so gently they won't even notice — shoutout to the soft rubber bristles on this comb.

A baby's head with dry scales on the left and the same baby's head looking smoother and flake-free on the right

26. A simple Graco swing that'll carefully sway baby from side to side so they can hopefully put them down for a little and actually get some laundry done (imagine???).

27. Plant-based konjac bath sponges that'll actually make bath time *so* much fun. My apologies to their rubber ducky.

28. And a too-cute baby bath tub they will have a *whale-y* good time using. Added bonus? It can be used in a tub instead of a sink (which grosses me out for reasons I can't quite explain).

a baby in a whale-shaped tub

29. A fabulous floral romper their mini-me can wear all winter instead of just during the holiday season (until they grow out of it, of course. Babies grow like weeds!).

a cream colored romper with long sleeves and pants and a floral print all over it

30. A subscription box for a learning kit specifically designed for tiny humans (ages 0–24 months). Each box is filled with toys and activities designed to teach babies something important while also keeping them entertained.

31. A Radio Flyer Push and Play Walker complete with colorful gears, levers, and other features to encourage little ones to develop their motor skills. It'll also grow with them from ages 1 to 4!

the wooden play toy

32. Mommy and Me pajamas that won't sound like a "practical" gift at first but will be when your pal realizes they forgot to take a holiday card and needs to throw something cute together in a flash.

33. And an enamel pin to add to any new parent's denim jacket to remind everyone they're doing their best even when their tyke is screaming their little heart out in public.

a black circle pin with a gold edge that says "i have no idea what I'm doing" in gold

And if they somehow have all of these items, just bring 'em over some dinner.

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