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    19 Pop-Up Books Adults Won’t Want To Share With Their Kids

    These magical books might just ~pop-up~ on your shopping wish list.

    1. A planetarium pop-up book for an ~out of this world~ reading experience.

    2. A pop-up version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland you should buy as a celebration of your Unbirthday.

    3. A pop-up guide to Hogwarts that'll have you wishing for your acceptance letter so you can attend the school of witchcraft and wizardry.

    4. Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, a perfect pop-up coffee table book to accent any other spooky decor you already have lying around.

    5. A book packed with Pixar pop-ups that'll let you enjoy your favorite movies in an entirely new way.

    6. Or a Game of Thrones pop-up book you can use to cope with the fact there won't be anymore televised trips to Westeros.

    7. A Shakespeare pop-up book that is ~meant to be~ in your ever-growing literary collection.

    8. A Nightmare Before Christmas pop-up you can display from October through December and embrace your inner-Pumpkin King.

    9. A pop-up book filled with lessons about heroes and gods any fan of mythology would want in their bookcase.

    10. Or a mesmerizing book that'll transport you to a ~galaxy far, far away~ with each turn of a page.

    11. A pop-up book about birds you'll find so stunning you won't be able to stop ~raven~ about it.

    12. A Walking Dead pop-up book filled with ravenous zombies, a must-have for any fan of the gruesome show.

    13. A pop-up book that'll have you swinging through the trees with Mowgli despite the fact you're sitting in your living room.

    14. Or a creepy, crawly, pop-up book with all kinds of bugs to marvel or squeal about.

    15. A book that'll provide a 3D tour of New York City without having to board one of those double decker buses.

    16. A book filled with pop-up floral arrangements that'll last way longer than your supermarket flowers.

    17. The Pop-Up Book Of Phobias, because why NOT torture yourself by flipping through a book filled with the things you're most afraid of?

    18. A book that'll take you into the depths of the deep blue sea, essential for anyone who counts down the days to beach season or really loves Jaws.

    19. And a pop-up version of Frozen so magical you definitely won't want to ~let it go~.

    You, trying to figure out the magic behind these incredible pop-up books:

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