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    28 Masks To Help You Express Some Of Your Personality

    Take the proper precautions *and* show off a little of who you are under the mask.

    By this point, I'm sure you're familiar with the the CDC's new guidelines recommending people wear nonmedical face coverings in public.

    In my personal opinion, I felt if it was necessary to wear a face mask whenever I leave that house (and I live in NYC, so it is), I wanted it to be *cute* and reflect my personality! Here are some fun ones to keep you (and others) safe *and* show off a little of who you are:

    1. A set of five masks from Reformation for anyone who considers themselves to be a fashionista.

    2. A chic marble mask you can wear with your most fabulous outfit — you might want to order more than one so you can rotate 'em throughout the week.

    3. A paw-fectly purple face mask that'll turn you into a ~cool cat~ whenever you have to venture outdoors.

    4. A set of two rainbow print masks, because they'll match *all* of your outfits and show off your more childish side (in a good way!).

    5. A Haunted Mansion face mask that'll leave you smiling like a grim, grinning ghost.

    6. A too-cute face mask featuring a cheery cup of coffee to let all who see you know you're a ~caffeine queen~.

    7. A bumble bee mask that'll have your neighbors *buzzing* about how adorable you look while taking out your garbage.

    8. A "We're All in This Together" neck gaitor for anyone who has been watching High School Musical on repeat and trying to convince their parents to join in on their Tik Tok antics like the members of the original cast.

    9. A flamingo-print face mask you can wear to bring some tropical vibes to your supermarket run.

    10. A monogrammed face mask so you and your roomie won't get confused by whose mask is whose.

    11. A pink tie-dye mask for anyone who has been *very* into getting crafty with their sweats while self-isolating.

    12. An "Ew, David" mask any Schitt's Creek fan will want to snatch up for any necessary outings.

    13. A reusable cloth face mask covered in Star Wars icons that'll keep you smiling (even if no one else will be able to see).

    14. Or a set of four Disney masks in which all the profits (and one million masks) will be donated to Medshare.

    15. A donut-covered face mask for anyone with a sweet tooth who has been trying to learn how to bake flawless desserts the last few months.

    16. A Tiger King-inspired face mask you'll definitely want if you can't stop thinking about how precious John Finlay is.

    17. A sequin-print face mask that'll make you feel absolutely fabulous.

    18. A face mask covered in your favorite leafy green so you can say "oh kale no, I'm not going out without my mask!"

    19. A Marauder's Map face mask for any Potterhead who has been getting through this tough time by re-reading *all* of the books and re-watching *all* of the movies.

    20. A face mask covered in *other* people wearing face masks, because what could be more appropriate than that?

    21. A Nintendo-themed mask that'll make you want to rush through your socially distant morning walk so you can get back to gaming on your Switch ASAP.

    22. A face mask that says "if you're reading this you're too close" to pay tribute to Drake *and* ensure people keep a safe distance from you. Win-win.

    23. A Ruth Bader Ginsburg mask so you can show off your love for ya girl and add a pop of color to your look.

    24. A STEM-themed face mask that'll help you proudly show off your love for science — Bill Nye would certainly give you a thumbs-up.

    25. An Animal Crossing-inspired face mask you'd probably shell out an impressive number of bells for in the actual game.

    26. A Friends face mask with a filter pocket that'll *be there for you* the same way Ross, Rachel, Monica, and the rest of the crew have been while you and your roomie have been re-watching from the first season.

    27. A Smoko face mask covered in adorable treats like sushi, boba tea, and a smiley Sriracha bottle — a must-have for any foodie missing their fave restaurants.

    28. And a whimsical pastel face mask that'll make people look twice — it's fine, I get it, you like big butts and you cannot lie!

    Me, noticing how unique your face mask is:

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