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    19 Cute Non-Medical Masks You Can Buy Online

    All of these are reusable, washable, and, of course, super cute.

    Hey there! By now you've probably seen the CDC's new guidelines recommending people wear non-medical face coverings in public.

    Here are a few options for where you can get non-medical face masks for everyday use that are both reusable and machine washable (on top of being hecka cute):

    1. A checkerboard face mask with some extremely nostalgic "you bet I owned a pair of Vans in the early 2000s" vibes.

    2. A dainty floral mask that will put a little ~spring~ both in your step and on your face.

    3. A bumblebee face mask so the next time you're on Zoom, you can peel it off and be all, "What's the buzz, guys?" (before they all hang up on you for punning too hard).

    4. A cotton face mask you can get with a filter pocket and customize based on whatever vibes with your springtime mood most.

    5. A sweet little heart-patterned face mask, so you can wear your heart on your sleeve *and* on your mouth.

    6. A Dungeons & Dragons dice face mask that truly has some Big Dungeon Master Energy.

    7. A Sailor Moon-inspired face mask to remind us all of our daily routines: nap, fight against the forces of evil, snack, nap, repeat.

    8. A Disney face mask full of cute cartoon versions of all your faves, so you can still hang with the squad while maintaining social distancing.

    9. A tiger print mask to commemorate that weird two-week span when Tiger King simultaneously happened to all of us.

    10. A lil' succulent print face mask, because you are a human being second, and a proud plant parent first.

    11. A dog face mask so you can finally achieve your lifelong dream of matching your doggo's face in a selfie.

    12. A fully customizable face mask you can upload any image or design you own the rights to (finally all those pics you took of baked bread will SHINE!!).

    13. A personalized face mask, so you don't mix yours up with another human in your household.

    14. A tie-dye face mask to make you feel ~groovy~ every time you put it on.

    15. A rainbow face mask so you'll never have a problem finding one to match your outfit, because truly, what doesn't this match?

    16. A floral face mask with a pocket for a filter that is basically just begging to get Instagrammed the moment you put it on.

    17. A happy shark rainbow print mask so we can all let out our inner "Left Shark" in a time when we need it most.

    18. A mermaid face mask that will have you singing, "Bright young women, sick of swimmin', ready to maaaaaaasskkk ..."

    19. A galaxy face mask for when your brand of cuteness is ~out of this world~.

    All of us doing a socially-distanced safety dance in our masks:

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