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    If You've Been Hesitant To Buy "Animal Crossing" Let Me Convince You Why It's Time

    Go on, let Tom Nook welcome you home with open arms.

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    You've probably noticed pretty much everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch has only wanted to discuss one thing these days: Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    nintendo / Via

    I gotta tell you, I am one of those people. And for good reason! This game has brought my household (and many across the country) joy in what has been a rather dark time.

    You might have started thinking to yourself, "Is it time *I* buy Animal Crossing? Is it worth it?" Let me assist you β€” the answer is yes. And I can tell you why.

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    For starters, Animal Crossing New Horizons is *so* wholesome you won't be able to help but grin from ear-to-ear while playing it.

    It's an open-ended game where you get to do whatever you want to pass the time while achieving low-level, but satisfying, goals. For example, you'll find yourself endlessly paying off your housing loans to Tom Nook. After you pay off one, he'll offer the chance to upgrade your house for another large sum of bells (Animal Crossing money).

    But honestly, who cares? The way you pay off your loan is by fishing, catching bugs, and building items to sell to Tommy and Timmy (Nook's assistants of sorts). The fishing is SO soothing in this game β€” you're able to listen to peaceful ocean waves. It's delightful.

    It'll provide you with a way to get your creative juices flowing again as you customize your home and island to your liking.

    Adam Poplawski / Via Instagram: @foodthatpops, Nikki Esposito / Via Twitter: @NikkiEsposito_

    As you clock hours in the game you'll unlock more ways to make your island home your own. Whether you buy funky wallpaper or stylish flooring (my Animal Crossing home features leafy mint wallpaper in one room and a herringbone wooden floor in another) or collect DIY recipes to build specialized furniture, this game will give you an outlet to be crafty if you're not as skilled IRL.

    You can pair the wallpaper/flooring options you come across with items found in the various shops to create whatever feels like *home* to you. My friend Adam (seen above, left) created a custom gym for his Animal Crossing abode while my other friend Nikki (seen above, right) went with a Disney theme!

    You can also customize your own outfits, giving you the chance to *finally* showcase your fashion designer skills. Tim Gunn, who?

    Nikki Esposito / Via Twitter: @NikkiEsposito_, Nikki Esposito / Via Twitter: @NikkiEsposito_

    My friend Nikki is a *pro* at this already. She created the cool outfit (seen above) as well as this one featuring a cute dress. Right off the bat you'll be able to customize your clothing using your Nook Phone (so high-tech compared to the old games). Eventually a Mabel's clothing shop will open up on the island to take your styling skills to the next level. You'll be able to download QR codes (check out this page for inspiration) for some seriously fabulous fashions.

    The game will help you keep track of your days β€” seriously. Right now (at least for me) the days seem to mush together, but each new day in Animal Crossing brings about something fresh! You'll find yourself looking forward to waking up each day to tune into Tom Nook's morning announcements.

    [Life Advice] Island nights are dark, so be careful while you're out on an evening stroll. I wouldn't want residents scaring each other, hm? Plus, there have been some reported ghost sightings...

    Animal Crossing New Horizons is special because it's played in real time. I find myself playing after work, so by the time I sign in the sun is setting in my game. If you play during the day you're likely to catch specific kinds of fish and bugs (honeybees and butterflies) but when you game at night you'll find *other* creatures lurking (moths, tarantulas, and ghosts).

    You'll also be able to celebrate holidays in the game! Right now there's a bunny named Zipper hopping throughout the island hiding eggs for you to collect. When you collect the eggs you can use them to build spring-themed items for your home/island! Do with that what you will.

    And, you'll be able to virtually hang out with your friends by visiting their islands! Invite them over to see how unique your house is or take a quick plane ride to see all they've created! Social distancing isn't so bad after all.

    fun animal crossing hang out w jake!

    IDK about you but, despite being an introvert and a homebody, I find myself missing my friends and family's company. Social distancing is hard, but thanks to Animal Crossing New Horizons (and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription) we can all feel a bit more connected to our loves one by paying them a virtual visit. One couple who had to postpone their upcoming wedding due to COVID-19 even hosted a ceremony in the game!

    Here's an explainer on how to connect with your friends in the game.

    If you're ready to join in on the fun you can get a digital download of Animal Crossing New Horizons from Nintendo or a physical copy from Best Buy for $59.99.


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