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    19 Video Games That'll Probably Keep You Occupied All Weekend

    Now is the time to let your obsessive gaming habits shine.

    1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will transport you into a wholesome, adorable island of your own design and keep you entertained...forever.

    2. Call of Duty Warzone is a massive combat arena that can be played for free (!!!) with 150 people at a time, so your entire squad can join in on the battle for greatness.

    3. Jackbox Party Pack will give you access to a bunch of games to play with a group of friends from a distance — get ready to host your first virtual game night!

    4. Luigi's Mansion 3, in which you'll be armed with the Poltergust G-00 (a glorified vacuum) and encouraged to join forces with Gooigi (a gooey, green version of Mario's dear brother) to suck up ghosts and defeat mischievous bosses on each themed floor.

    5. Fortnite, because it's a craze that (shockingly) has never ended! This online game will be a great way to connect with your friends (also for free) from a safe distance while either working together to destroy everyone else or trying to knock 'em all out every-man-for-themselves style.

    6. Words With Friends 2 to help keep your brain thinking and give you a chance to *school* your buddies on their grammar and spelling skills.

    7. Untitled Goose Game can be a wonderful distraction from the news (which is heavier than usual these days). You'll be able to roam around freely, get into mischief, and have a grand old time without leaving your couch.

    8. Doom Eternal, an epic single-player game that'll encourage you to conquer demons and stop the final destruction of humanity. Sounds kinda dark — bring it on!

    9. Disney Emoji Blitz, in case you'd prefer to waste some time with a lighthearted matching game filled with all of your favorite characters. Added bonus? As you play you earn emojis for your personal keyboard!

    10. Grand Theft Auto V will keep you entertained for a whiiiiiile, as updates are added for online play pretty often. You can be everything you're not IRL in this game (a thief, a wild driver, all that jazz) without actually doing anything reckless.

    11. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so you can use all the downtime you now have to *finally* conquer Rainbow Road once and for all. Victory will be ouuuuurs!

    12. Just Dance 2020 is filled with a number of today's top hits that'll inspire you to jump around, get your blood flowing, and groove all night long (who needs to go out to a club, amiright?).

    13. A subscription to World of Warcraft will provide you with 110 levels (plus levels 1-60 of World of Warcraft Classic) for a seemingly endless way to spend your time in a fantasy universe. What could be better?

    14. Stardew Valley, for anyone who has found themselves fantasizing about moving to an isolated farm and living off the land (ahem, me).

    15. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will transport you into the role of Professional Monster Hunter Geralt of Rivia. Your task? Locate a child of prophecy who will save us all. No biggie.

    16. The Sims 4, so you can happily bring back your childhood obsession with building your dream home and setting up (and destroying) relationships in a community of your own making. BEST👏GAME👏EVER👏.

    17. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will let you live out your glorious '90s memories all over again.

    18. Half-Life: Alyx is one of the latest games to join the Virtual Reality realm and will leave you feeling like you're actually joining the fight against an vicious alien race.

    19. And Fitness Boxing for the Nintendo Switch you'll thank your lucky stars for buying after giving it a go this weekend. Prepare for sore shoulders and breaking a sweat!

    Actual footage of me playing Animal Crossing all weekend:

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