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    27 Pieces Of Easy-To-Build Furniture To Spruce Up Your Home

    You won't even break a sweat or call your parents crying.

    1. A shelving system you can customize to fit your exact needs whether that means tall, short, or a combo of both. You can also add on to them over time, making them a worthy investment for any homeowner.

    a model sitting in their living room with the modern shelving in white and tan behind them

    2. A bar cart you'll be able to put together faster than it takes you to shake up the perfect cocktail.

    a gold two tiered bar cart on wheels

    3. An electric fireplace to create the ultimate cozy experience right inside your very own bedroom.

    4. A set of two armchairs for easily adding a pop of color to any room without breaking your back trying to build an extravagant piece of furniture.

    The set of two armchairs in mustard yellow

    5. An upholstered platform bed that'll create the illusion that you're lounging in a cloud.

    a grey upholstered platform bed with a headboard

    6. Or a canopy bed frame to make you feel like you're a descendant of the royal family while you snuggle up and watch the latest season of The Crown.

    a gold canopy bed frame

    7. A macrame swing for the corner of your room — just imagine how soothing it would be to curl up with a blanket and nap or read in there. Delightful.

    8. A coffee table with hidden storage inside and a top that you can lift up to use as a makeshift desk or a surface to eat dinner on when you simply can't tear yourself away from whatever you're in the middle of binge-watching.

    the light wood coffee table with the top lifted to show the storage inside

    9. Modern floating shelves with black metal framing that'll look lovely in your bathroom, living room, or bedroom and won't cause a headache during installation.

    two shelves with a natural wood base and black metal backing in a chevron design

    10. A modular sofa or sectional featuring a "performance velvet" that can withstand spills, so you can sip vino and snack on cheese and crackers while watching The Bachelorette like always without worry you'll ruin your new couch.

    a velvet green sectional

    11. A customizable standing desk for your home office so maybe (just maybe) you won't want to complain about how stiff your body feels after working all day.

    an all white standing desk

    12. Or a marble-print desk with gold hairpin legs and two areas for storage, perfect if you want a desk that's simple to put together and looks lovely in any room.

    the desk

    13. An open shelf bookcase that'll take no time at all to put up so you can get right back to color coordinating your books.

    the bookcase with long wooden shelves and metal pole accents

    14. A round table and chairs with a hidden wine rack to transform that nook in your kitchen into a bistro in a snap.

    the table and chairs with gray metal accents

    15. A three-piece table and benches set that'll upgrade the dining area in your small apartment so you and your roomies can actually eat dinner together.

    16. A platform bed with built-in storage you can use to stow away all of your clothes — your cherished band tees deserve a proper home.

    the bed with drawers open under it

    17. Layla Sleep's Memory Foam Mattress that'll arrive in a box so all you have to do is open it up and plop it on your bed frame — throw on some sheets and climb in until the sun returns sometime this spring.

    18. A unique bookshelf to put your favorites on display in a more artful way — finally somewhere appropriate to show off your Jane Austen collection.

    a walnut colored shelf with slanted shelves throughout

    19. A Samsung TV that'll disguise itself as an elegant picture frame when it's not in use. A magical marvel in home decor and technology if you ask me.

    A BuzzFeed editor's TV hung alongside art

    20. Wood floating shelves you'll find super simple to install so instead of wasting time reading instructions you can spend your day deciding what to put on display instead.

    three floating shelves in a bathroom

    21. A rustic end table that'll look lovely whether you use it in your living room or place it next to your bed as a nightstand.

    the medium colored wood nightstand with a drawer open

    22. An Article Timber sofa with minimal assembly — you'll find yourself snuggled up with a blanket watching Netflix on it in no time.

    23. A ceramic plant pot and wood stand to add a touch of style to your home and give your beloved plant baby the home it deserves.

    24. A two-tiered coffee table that'll give you more than enough space to place a decorative tray, candles, and books.

    The round coffee table in a living room

    25. A storage ottoman you can use to stow away things like throw blankets, shoes, books — whatever your heart desires! All that matters is that your home is about to look a lot more organized.

    a tan storage ottoman with the top open

    26. A media cabinet that'll function beautifully as a TV stand or a fancy place to store your records / place your record player. The brushed brass accents are quite lovely, don't you think?

    the black cabinet with brass legs and four cabinets throuhgout

    27. And a Serta office chair with a memory foam seat and arm cushions to ensure you feel like you're living a life of luxury even when replying to emails for hours upon end.

    The navy office chair with studs around the rim of the chair in a home office

    Alright, now that all of your furniture is built you can get back to relaxing.

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