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    15 Modular Couches To Help You Make The Most Of Your Space

    From sectionals under $500 to super big modular ones that can fill a whole room, there's something for everyone on this list.

    Welcome to BuzzFeed Shopping's guide to the very best sectionals you can buy online!

    Let's talk criteria and lingo.

    What's the difference between a modular sofa and sectional? Nothing! The two terms mean the exact same thing and both terms are used interchangeably in this guide. 

    Sofa vs. couch, what's the difference? A sofa and a couch are the same thing, and both terms are also used interchangeably in this guide. 

    A sectional is a sofa with either an L or U shape, which can happen when you add a chaise lounge, ottoman, or more seating to either side of a traditional sofa. L-shaped sectionals are, by far, the most popular style right now, but U-shaped sectionals are still a great choice, especially if you have ample space and have a large family or love to entertain. Most L-shaped sectionals are a combination of a sofa and a chaise lounge, and are typically smaller than a U-shaped one. 

    What's a chaise? It's a chair that is long enough to prop your feet up on, and is added to the end of a sectional to create an L shape. 

    What's a reversible chaise? L-shaped sectionals put the chaise on either the left or right end of a sofa, and a reversible chaise means you can configure it to be on the left or right side. Instead of the chaise being a single piece of furniture that's stuck in the position you bought it in, a reversible chaise is actually a normal-sized chair with a freestanding ottoman and a reversible chaise cushion, so it looks like a chaise but it's actually a chair with an ottoman. This is a great option if you move a lot and need the flexibility of a modular sofa in case the current configuration doesn't work in your new place. 

    How many seats do I need? That depends on how often you entertain and how big your household is, along with how much space you have. If you have roommates, kids, pets, or have multiple generations living under one roof, you probably need more than a compact sectional that can only fit three people. Same goes if you love to entertain, especially for movie or television marathons. 

    A note about sizing: Measure, measure, measure before you buy a sectional. Some ship as two big pieces of furniture, others ship as modular pieces that you put together. Most come without their feet/legs attached. Always check to make sure the boxes that the piece ships in can fit through your front door, hallways, and tight corners, and your building's elevator and stairwells if you live in an apartment or condo. If you're sure you can't fit a traditional big piece through your home, consider a modular option that ships in separate boxes that you put together on site. In this article, measurements will be listed in inches as W (width) x D (depth) x H (height) and will be the overall dimensions.

    1. A truly compact sectional with a reversible chaise that's perfect for those with small spaces. The cushion covers? Removable and washable. And it's only $319, too!

    A dark grey sectional with yellow throw pillows is shown in a living room

    2. A U-shaped modular sofa with ample storage if you need something that can be configured all sorts of different ways. Each seat is its own piece — even the armrests — so you get middle seats, ottomans, and armrests that you put together yourself in the configuration that works for your space.

    3. A sectional with all sorts of bells and whistles, including an ottoman with storage, a stylish storage sleeve that hangs off one side of the sofa, and a reversible chaise.

    4. A modern sectional from Amazon's brand Rivet that's stylish enough on its own but simple enough that it can work with a variety of different interior design styles. This sectional is great because the chaise is reversible; the extended part is actually an ottoman that you can move to the left or right corner, and then you switch the seat cushions.

    A navy blue sectional is shown in a living room

    5. A glamorous tufted sectional from AllModern to add a little glam to your living space. It's got a reversible chaise and it comes with two bolster pillows — perfect for those late afternoon naps.

    6. A Chesterfield U-shaped sectional with a chaise and ottoman if you have a really big room and need to fill it with as much seating as possible. The cushions are removable for easy cleaning.

    A traditional beige sectional

    7. A compact sectional with a pull-out bed and storage that's under $500. Reviewers swear that despite the low price, it doesn't sacrifice quality or comfort.

    A beige sectional is shown with and without its bed pulled out

    8. A sectional with a pullout mattress and storage from Article if you want a sectional that has a comfortable (real) bed. Because the mattress is a foldout, the cushions on this are extra cushy and comfortable — perfect for those of us who like to sink into our sofas when we sit down.

    The sectional is shown with and without the foldaway bed pulled out

    9. A distressed vegan leather chaise sectional with gold legs from Albany Park that pairs comfort and style perfectly.

    A tan faux leather sectional is shown in a living room

    10. A curvy sectional with a round chaise from Castlery if you want the look and practicality of a modular sofa but without any hard angles. Reviewers say it's super soft and "cloud-like."

    A white-ish sectional with a round chaise is shown in a living room

    11. A six-piece sectional that you can convert to a bed just by reconfiguring the pieces, aka no need to pull out a mattress and dress a bed. The seat and back cushions are removable for easy cleaning.

    The beige sectional is shown in two different configurations

    12. A mid-century modern-inspired sectional with tufted back cushions to fill out a room if you've got a spacious one. Clocking in at 113" long (on both sides), this is a great option if you don't want a chaise but do want a sectional that you can nap on.

    A navy blue sectional is shown

    13. A seemingly customizable sectional with a reversible chaise from West Elm that comes in not one but two length options, and 84 fabrics to choose from. There's a 74" long one that fits two people comfortably, and a 90" long one that fits three people comfortably.

    A beige linen sectional is shown in a tasteful living room

    14. A contemporary sectional from AllModern if you want to add a minimal silhouette to your living space. From the polished steel feet to the plush velvet upholstery, this is a great fit for anyone who wants a sectional that has an elevated design.

    A contemporary gray sectional is shown

    15. And a seven-seater modular sofa with storage that easily reconfigures into a bed. There's six storage compartments — perfect for children's toys, remotes, extra blankets, and pillows, and whatever else you need to store to keep your living space looking neat and tidy.

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