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    Disney Plus's New GroupWatch Feature Is About To Make Staying At Home A Lot More Fun

    With the new GroupWatch option, you can sync your streams to watch anything you want with another Mousketeer.

    Just when we thought we couldn't love Disney+ any more than we already do (I mean, documentaries, princess films, Marvel, Star Wars!), they announced a new exciting feature: GroupWatch.

    The Walt Disney Company / Pixar

    This new addition to the platform will allow you to sync your stream of any movie or show on Disney+ with up to six other subscribers, so you can *finally* watch Hamilton or the upcoming episodes of The Mandalorian at the same time.

    The Walt Disney Company

    You can pause for a bathroom break (don't invite your friend that has to pee every five minutes) to grab some much-needed snacks, or to debate how freakin' cute Baby Yoda is.

    You'll also have the option to react with emojis and chat in real time using your phone, so you can re-create the feeling of watching together even if you're miles apart.

    The Walt Disney Company

    I've been away from my parents and siblings for the last eight months and personally cannot wait to sync up our accounts and watch movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus together throughout October.

    The Walt Disney Company

    Nothing will replace physically spending time with the ones you love, but IMO, the opportunity to kick back and watch some beloved Disney flicks in real time with some of your fave people is, well, magic.

    Pixar / The Walt Disney Company

    What are you waiting for? For $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year, you can have access to countless magical movies and TV shows on Disney+ *and* watch them with your friends and family.

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