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    38 Disney Products To Add To Your Ever-Growing Collection

    There's an at-home Magic Band reader in here that'll blow your mind.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A necklace featuring a Mickey-shaped charm made out of onyx, which is said to be a protection and strength-giving stone. Finally, a way to combine your love of Disney and crystals!

    a silver chain with a black mickey charm on it

    2. A set of teacups and saucers you can break out during your next cozy catch-up sesh with your bestie who you'd definitely consider the Piglet to your Winnie the Pooh.

    two winnie the pooh themed tea cups and saucers

    3. Nightmare Before Christmas tarot cards, so you can give fellow Dis-nerds a "reading" and enjoy them asking "What's this? What's this?" as you flip each card over.

    the nightmare before christmas tarot cards

    4. A Minnie Mouse plush featuring a removable 3-pound pouch to help calm your nerves and soothe your anxieties so you can drift off to dreamland sooner rather than later.

    5. A splurge-worthy Magic Band reader FOR YOUR HOME (!!!), because you have Disney Adult Money and can spend it on whatever you please.

    6. An ultra snuggly Barefoot Dreams blanket covered in Mickey and Minnie icons — it'll quickly become the most fought-over throw in your home, so make sure to stake your claim!

    7. An adorable enamel pin of Minnie enjoying a pumpkin spice latte like the best of us — it's never too soon to kick off fall, my friends.

    a pin of minnie mouse and a pumpkin spice latte

    8. A Jasmine makeup palette complete with 18 eyeshadows, three matte blushes, and three highlighters that'll take your makeup routine to *a whole new world*.

    the makeup palette that looks like a storybook with aladdin on it

    9. A 90th Anniversary Mickey Waffle Maker with a 4.5-star rating — you'll love using it to recreate your favorite Walt Disney World breakfast whenever you're feeling a little homesick for the parks.

    10. A princess phone case that'll have other Disney adults stopping you to ask where you got it from because they *absolutely* need one too. And just think of how cute it will look in mirror selfies!

    11. A personalized Disney Starbucks tumbler featuring the 50th anniversary version of Cinderella Castle and teeny-tiny Hidden Mickeys in the fireworks — it'll be a vessel for your iced coffee and your dreams. How 'bout that?

    a clear cup with cinderella castle on it in pink and blue ombre

    12. Alice in Wonderland plates created in a Mary Blair style in honor of the 70th anniversary of the film — a must-have for the themed viewing party you're planning for you and your cat Dinah.

    beautiful floral plates with scenes from alice in wonderland on them

    13. A Persian rug with a hidden Mickey motif, so you can pull one over on your not-as-Disney-obsessed partner and secretly continue to fill your home with magic.

    14. A side table featuring a galactic Mickey design that'll go so nicely with your wild weekend plans of binge-watching old cartoons and learning about different rides through Behind the Attraction on Disney+.

    a round end table with a pink galactic mickey table top

    15. A Death Star-shaped cheeseboard set I truly think would impress the helmet off of Darth Vader himself.

    a cheeseboard shaped like the death star

    16. A Mai Tai glass inspired by either Hercules or Alice in Wonderland (take your pick), because one of the perks of being a Disney Adult is getting to drink your favorite alcoholic beverages in #DisneyStyle.

    17. A book filled with poster art you may recognize from the Disney Parks throughout the years — finally, a coffee table book you'll actually want to flip through instead of just leaving it on display.

    18. A replica of the iconic clock from Disney's "it's a small world" ride that'll ensure you never EVER get that all-too-catchy tune out of your noggin'. My apologies — but it'll be so cute to look at all the time!

    a white and gold clock that looks like the one from it's a small world

    19. Build-a-Bear's version of "The Child" features realistic baby sounds that'll leave you cooing and bouncing him on your hip like, well, a child.

    20. A Stitch keychain you'll love so much you'll make excuses to drive your friends around just so you can show off your latest accessory.

    a keychain of stitch floating from mickey shaped balloons

    21. Minnie Mouse stud earrings you can count on to bring some extra magic into your life and make it feel like it's your birthday every day.

    a model wearing minnie mouse earrings that look like they are filled with sprinkles

    22. A Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit to keep you busy for a bit and leave you with a spooktacular piece of art for your home.

    the cross stitch set

    23. A cord protector that'll let you *magically* charge your phone and prevent your wire from being frayed. Added bonus? It's a surprise which one you'll receive!

    the eight different characters that can be attached to a cord

    24. A Sketchbook ornament inspired by Mary Poppins or 101 Dalmatians (whatever floats your boat), because if you're anything like me you can't help but add a magical ornament or five to your holiday collection each year.

    25. A Baby Yoda night-light that, for lack of a better term, will become your *guiding light* as you make your way through your hallway in the middle of the night when you'll inevitably have to pee.

    26. A piece of art from Laura Stites Art, for anyone who worships The Mouse but prefers a more minimal taste when it comes to the art they choose to put up in their home.

    27. A neon light shaped like Mickey balloons or the iconic Pixar ball that'll prove once and for all that you're *THE* biggest Disney fan ever.

    28. A too-cute Stitch Nuimo doll you can dress-up like a lil' hipster and take out with you to discover all kinds of things — the latest trendy place to grab a latte, a bookstore off the beaten path, a cool new record store, y'know how it goes.

    a stitch doll wearing a denim jacket and beanie

    29. A special Loungefly bag inspired by your favorite film — perhaps Beauty and the Beast or Coco?? You'll be guaranteed to be showered in compliments and questions of "OMG, where did you find this bag???"

    30. A set of LED light saber chopsticks that'll make all of your at-home sushi dinners feel like a night out at the Cantina (but without all the gambling and violence).

    31. Disney Princess sheets and pillowcases so you can feel like Sleeping Beauty every night no matter how old you get.

    disney princess sheets with belle, jasmine, ariel, aurora, cinderella, and rapunzel on them

    32. A modern day retelling of Cinderella in the form of a young adult novel that'll take you through a romantic journey of "Cindy" making her way through a reality dating show. I honestly can't think of anything more fun to read!

    a stack of light blue books with a plus-size version of cinderella and prince charming on it

    33. A simple but fabulous ring with cut outs of Mickey around it — it might just remind you of a certain Cartier design but with a Disney twist.

    34. A Haunted Mansion throw blanket you and the *~ghosts that followed you home~* will love curling up with during spooky season and beyond.

    a purple throw blanket in the haunted mansion wallpaper with the logo in the middle

    35. A Tangled watch complete with LEDs, so whenever you check the time you will, quite literally, be able to say "at least, I see the light."

    a wrist watch with the lantern scene from tangled inside the face and light up lanterns

    36. A crème gel liner set inspired by the Prince of the Forest: Bambi! The set comes with three lovely pastel colors you'll be in awe of like Flower meeting Bambi for the first time.

    the set of liners with spring-themed packaging with bambi, flower, and thumper

    37. A modern Mickey Mouse mug (try saying that 10x fast) that'll encourage your to whip up your own delicious drinks at home then promptly post 'em on Instagram.

    a black mug with a mickey ear lid on it

    38. And a Winnie the Pooh Lego set in which you'll get to build his iconic home — complete with a "Mr. Sanders" sign and all of the memorably Hundred Acre Wood characters. Delightful!

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