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    53 Comfy And Cozy Things You’ll Probably Want To Wear This Winter

    Grab a cup of tea, throw on your new warm attire, and get ready to stay put.

    1. An oversized cozy pullover from Aerie you'll want to buy for everyone in your life so you can all match on your Zoom hangouts.

    a model in a mustard yellow plush pullover

    2. A witty crewneck sweatshirt that'll guarantee you'll have a ~ghoul~ time whenever you wear it.

    3. An iconic "Amazon Coat" you can count on to keep you nice 'n' toasty while also looking super stylish. Win-win!

    4. A hoodie dress that'll quickly become one of you most worn items once you see how cute it looks with a pair of chunky sneakers.

    a model in a red long sleeve hoodie dress

    5. A sweatshirt you'll take one look at and say "wow, I feel seen" thanks to its subtle nod to two of your favorite things: Main Street USA and iced coffee.

    6. Spanx faux leather leggings you can wear on days you want to appear more ~edgy~ but still feel like you're lounging in comfy clothes.

    a model in the faux leather leggings

    7. Socks embroidered with an array of fruits you'll feel just ~peachy~ wearing under all of your boots all winter.

    five socks each in a different color and featuring an embroidered fruit

    8. A casual knit sweater so you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve.

    9. Opaque leggings you'll find yourself gravitating to every day as they'll easily go with pretty much all of your cold weather wardrobe. Sweatshirts? Yep. Sweaters? Sure! Jackets? Also, a yes.

    10. Indoor slippers starring a chic pointed toe that'll make you feel like a ballerina when you're shuffling from your couch to your bed.

    a black pointed slipper with a thin bow on it and a cheetah on it

    11. A sherpa sweatshirt complete with jeweled buttons I'd imagine that Kate Middleton would lounge around in when no one is looking.

    a model in a black sherpa pull over with oversized fancy buttons

    12. Tie-dye sweatpants you'll be happy you purchased instead of trying to DIY on your own and accidentally staining your hands (or bath tub) for at least week.

    a moedlwearing black and brown bleach dyed sweat pants

    13. An off-the-shoulder waffle knit top, perfect for both running errands or a casual lunch with a friend you haven't seen in a minute.

    14. An adorable pajama set your significant other will probably take one look at you wearing and say, "wow, you look out of this world!"

    a model wearing a black pajama set with white stars and red and blue planets on it

    15. Ugg's classic tall boot, because your original pair is probably *super* worn down and you and I both know nothing keeps your legs warmer than these babies.

    16. Or classic Nike sneakers you can rely for comfort — no rubbing behind the ankle or pain in your arches while wearing these babies.

    black sneakers with white accents and the nike swoop on the side

    17. A pair of fleece-lined leggings you can treat yourself in an attempt to convince yourself winter isn't so bad after all.

    reviewer wearing the fleece-lined leggings with winter boots

    18. A sherpa sweater, so soft you'll want to buy 10, cut 'em all up, and make a blanket out of them. But, like, don't do that.

    19. A blanket scarf for anyone who is *always* cold, you know the type ;).

    20. Fleece pajamas to wear on those extra cold snowy nights — they'll go perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate. Doesn't that just sound wonderful?

    21. A pullover for anyone who religiously plans their weeks around watching The Bachelor and has been debating using a recording of Chris Harrison saying "take a moment and say your goodbyes" as their voicemail message (it's me, I'm "anyone").

    a maroon sweatshirt with the quote "take a moment and say your goodbyes" on it

    22. Stretchy jeggings that'll look like denim but feel like leggings — what more could you want in a pair of pants?

    23. A hat from Love Your Melon to keep your hair in check and make you feel like a good human since 50% of their profits are given to the Love Your Melon fund to support the fight against pediatric cancer.

    24. A plush robe from Barefoot Dreams you might as well go ahead and splurge on because you'll never want to take it off once you feel how darn soft it is.

    a model in a white plush robe

    25. Ribbed joggers you can actually wear out of the house without looking like you just rolled out of bed — which is really the only requirements for my wardrobe rn.

    a model in a lilac colored sweatshirt and matching joggers

    26. A chunky knit turtleneck you'll totally be able to get away with wearing to your family's annual holiday card photo shoot. You're welcome!

    27. An open-front cardigan with pockets (!!!) so you can adorably shove your hands into 'em and pretend you're shy for a posed Insta pic.

    28. Calvin Klein pants you can wear with a nice shirt during Zoom calls without your boss knowing how comfortable you actually are. 2020 has brought a whole new version of "business casual" to our lives.

    29. A two-piece tie-dyed set, perfect for anyone who wants to feel comfy-cozy but is tired of overheating in flannel pants.

    30. Pull-on joggers that'll feel so soft against your skin you'll probably never want to take them off.

    31. A leopard print pullover you'll want to add to your ever-growing sweater collection right ~meow~.

    32. A pullover sweater that'll let you show off your artistic side without having to sacrifice an ounce of comfort — so cool and cozy.

    a black sweater with a white outline of a woman on it

    33. A chic sweater starring an asymmetrical hem, long enough to cover your booty so you can wear your leggings without hearing "those are NOT pants, I can see your whole butt!"

    34. A pair of sherpa-lined slipper socks so magical, they were actually featured on Oprah's Favorite Things in 2017 which should be reason enough for you to go all out and buy them for everyone in your household.

    My feet in the socks, cuffed to show the sherpa lining with text to show it was 6 degrees fahrenheit at the time of the photo and saying "these slippers are the only things that actually keep my feet warm"

    35. High-waisted jersey leggings that'll feel so nice against your skin you'll continue to tell your roomies "feel my legs!" so they too can see how soft they are.

    a model in gray leggings

    36. A fuzzy V-neck popcorn sweater you'll find yourself as infatuated with as the smell of the freshly popped snack.

    37. A fleece sweatsuit from Richer Poorer you'll want to order in an array of styles after trying it on for the first time and enjoying how soft and snuggly it is.

    Model wearing the sweatshirt in a brown and white tie-dye and brown sweatpants