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Build A Party Look And We'll Tell You What Career You Should Have

Click, click, click and... find your dream job!

Stuck in a job you hate? Or maybe you're just not sure what career path you should be following?

Sounds like you could use some ~inspiration~ in the form of an easy video/quiz! Here's how it works: Press play on the video at the bottom of this post and you'll be guided through a series of questions. For each, you just need to select which of the options you prefer!

For instance, how do you prep your skin?

Or which party makeup style is your go-to? Just listen to your heart and choose the answers that fits you best.

Make your way through all the questions and voilà! We'll tell you what your badass career should be!

So get wild and find whether you're meant to be a pilot, a U.N ambassador, or some other badass career! Just click play on the video below to get started!

Let us know which career you got in the comments below. Go, live your dream!