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    40 Gadgets You'll Use So Often You Would've Paid Way More For Them

    Today just might be the day you cave and order a breakfast sandwich maker.

    1. A Baby Yoda night-light that, for lack of a better term, will become the *light of your life*.

    2. Or a sensor night-light designed around a gemstone that'll bring light *and* good vibes to any room you place it in.

    Three night-lights: one is purple amethyst, one is rose quartz, one is is clear quartz

    3. A set of water detection alarms to alert you if you've had an unexpected leak in your bathroom or flood in your basement.

    Five rounded, white sensors

    4. A storm cloud weather predictor, perfect for helping you decide if you need a jacket without even glancing at a weather app.

    A glass cloud with water and crystals inside and a light wooden base

    5. An Echo Dot, so you can shout at Alexa to turn on your lights, play your favorite song, tell you about the weather, and feel SUPER productive without even lifting a finger.

    A white Echo Dot on a side table

    6. A therapy lamp to recreate the feeling of sitting in the sun, even when you choose to stay indoors all day.

    7. A stylus, a must-have for the student who knows they need to stop buying notebooks but doesn't want to give up taking handwritten notes. This will give you the best of both worlds!

    8. A rechargeable lighter, so you can light every candle in your house to create the *perfect* ambience without concern you'll run out of lighter fluid.

    9. A pretty power strip with a braided cord you'll point out to anyone who visits your house because it's practically perfect in every way.

    A lavender power strip

    10. A selfie ring light for flattering photos you can ~click, click, click, and post~ like Ariana Grande on Instagram.

    The ring light in three different settings

    11. A pack of super-strong magnets you can attach to the top of your fridge to ensure your drink of choice is *always* refreshingly cold without taking up space for leftovers.

    12. PopSockets PopGrip to help you keep a good grip on your precious phone and have a portable stand on you at all times.

    13. A gooseneck mount you can attach to your headboard (or wherever!) and insert your device in so you kick back, relax, and unwind for a bit before diving into your homework.

    14. A backlighting kit, perfect for anyone whose gaming screen is in your shared bedroom so your partner can turn off the overhead lights and get some shut-eye while you play 'til your heart's content.

    15. A microphone that'll provide crystal clear audio if you're a gamer who moonlights as a YouTuber, streaming your gameplay for all to see. This one will pick up your audio easily — no need to shout while your partner is *trying* to sleep.

    A reviewer's photo of the microphone at their computer

    16. A 64-piece iFixit kit for when your most used gadget gives out and you'd rather try to repair it yourself than buy a new one.

    A tool kit to fix small gadgets

    17. A set of LED lightsaber chopsticks you'll probably misplace in your utensil drawer but then have the opportunity to exclaim "THESE are the ones I've been looking for!" once you finally find them.

    18. A sophisticated phone stand you can plop your phone into to play your favorite podcast while you hammer away late at night on a research paper or use to FaceTime hands-free.

    19. A motion-activated toilet light, a must-have for anyone who is tired of stumbling over themselves when they get up in the middle of the night to pee.

    20. Cable clips that'll prevent your cords from tangling, thus making you frustrated while trying to sort them out when your phone is dying and YOU JUST NEED TO GET THIS ONE WIRE OUT OF THIS MESS SO YOU CAN WATCH THAT LIVESTREAM ON INSTAGRAM BEFORE IT'S OVER. Deep breaths.

    A wire placed neatly in a cable clip

    21. A USB-powered defuzzer you can use to remove all the pills from that oversized sweater you refuse to retire from your wardrobe. Now you'll look presentable and still feel cozy.

    22. A breakfast sandwich maker for those rainy Sunday mornings where all you want is a cure to your hangover but can't physically venture farther than your kitchen.

    23. An automatic pan stirrer with a timer, perfect for any aspiring chef who tends to get a little absentminded while following a recipe.

    The automatic stirrer in a pan

    24. An animal dust plug, so you can protect your ear jack and accessorize in the cutest way possible at the same time.

    25. A six-port USB charging station that'll make sure your gadgets are always juiced up and ready to go.

    26. A portable charger with two lightning inputs and two USB ports as well as an ~out of this world~ print on it that'll keep your gadgets juiced up from the moment your friend starts ranting about Area 51 until they're out of breath.

    A portable charger with a galaxy design on it

    27. A universal hair diffuser from DevaCurl that'll help you fight the good fight against frizz.

    28. A flexible tripod so you and your siblings can take an Instagram-worthy holiday card photo without your mom cropping off your heads.

    29. A milk frother that'll transform your hot chocolate into one out of a Hallmark Christmas movie scene. Delish.

    30. A wall charger with six outlets and two USB ports in case you've managed to gather as many gadgets and gizmos as Ariel in The Little Mermaid and will want them charged at all times.

    Reviewer pic of the six chargers and two USB chargers with things plugged into all of them in the lit outlet

    31. A marbled case for your AirPods to make sure you don't misplace your precious headphones (again) while also showing off some of your personal flair.

    A reviewer holding the AirPods pro case

    32. An HDMI splitter, so you won't need to fumble with any cables when you want to switch between your PS4 or Xbox.

    33. A headset hook you can attach to any desk, in case you and your partner share one and they're tired of having to work around your gaming accessories.

    a pair of headphones hanging from the holder off a desk

    34. A set of camera lenses for your phone that'll flawlessly capture that outfit you spent hours perfecting.

    35. A heatable dumpling plushie that'll make you forget all about your sore muscles or stomach cramps so you can lay in bed in peace.

    36. A mug warmer to keep on your nightstand so you can continue to sip on hot tea even if you completely forgot about it while getting a bit *too* invested in the bread week episode of The Great British Baking Show.

    37. A curtain of twinkle lights that'll make you feel like you're sleeping inside a magical fairyland. Who wouldn't want that?

    38. A personal fan you'll be forever grateful for after moving into an apartment where you don't have control of your heat.

    A small, blue desk fan

    39. An essential oil diffuser that'll make your home smell like the soothing yoga studio you vowed to go to once a week but never found the time to return to because life always seems to get in the way. Deeeeep breaths.