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16 Signs You Pamper Your Dog More Than Yourself

Dogs > people.

In my opinion, dogs are essentially furry angels sent from the heavens. We don't deserve them, which is why it's not shocking we put their needs before ours.

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After much contemplation I realized I definitely pamper my pup more than myself — and you probably do too.

You may be treating your dog better than yourself if:

1. You take your dog to the groomer regularly, but choose to trim your own bangs at home.

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2. You take your fur baby to the dog park to socialize, but tell your friends you're "too tired" to go out to dinner.

Guilherme Lage Bahmad / Via

3. Your dog's Instagram account has over 1K followers because you carefully curate their posts each day, while you only have 400, including your grandma who just signed up.

4. You jump up to take your pup out to pee as soon as they bark, but would rather wait until your bladder is about to burst than get up in the middle of a Queer Eye episode to relieve yourself.

Netflix / Giphy / Via

*Runs to bathroom saying "gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee!"*

5. You will sit in a VERY uncomfortable position for an extended period of time just because you don't want to disturb your pup's sweet slumber.

Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

"No, I can't get you a snack. The dog has chosen ME for a pillow!"

6. You hand-feed your pup organic treats, then shove a granola bar down your throat because you're late for work.

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7. If your dog sneezes once, you schedule an appointment with the vet, but you won't drag yourself to the doctor unless you have a 103-degree fever.

The Paley Center For Media / NBC / Giphy / Via

8. You surprise your pet with the most exciting new toy on the market, but continue to use a phone with a shattered screen.

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

9. You splurge on paraben-free, sulfate-free organic shampoo to keep your dog's fur fresh, and choose to use whatever is on sale at the drugstore for your own locks.

ABC / Giphy / Via

10. Your dog's bedazzled collar cost you a pretty penny and gets tons of compliments, while you're wearing the same jeans you bought on sale in high school.

Getty Images

"Oh you fancy, huh?" —You, to your dog.

11. You take the time to carefully wipe your pup's paws off after a walk in the rain, but then proceed to sit on your bed with your shoes on.

The Walt Disney Company / Giphy / Via

12. You celebrate your dog's birthday with a specially made cake and go all out with decorations, then tell everyone not to make a fuss over your own special day.

Amanda Palma-Ortiz

13. When your phone alerts you that its storage is full, the first pics to be deleted are ones of you and your friends rather than of your precious pup.

Netflix / Giphy / Via

14. Your dog's bed is filled with fluffy memory foam, and you've been sleeping on a lumpy, outdated mattress.

courtneylhayes / Via Instagram: @courtneylhayes

15. You brush your dog's teeth twice a day, but haven't remembered to schedule a dentist appointment for yourself in over a year.

NBC / Giphy / Via

Look at that pearly white smile!

16. And you pay someone to walk your dog while you're at work, but let your gym membership go unused for months at a time.

The Walt Disney Company / Giphy / Via

You, not caring at all that your dog lives a better life than you do, because they're the best EVER:

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