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16 Signs Your Dog Is Fancier Than Most People

A fancy dog is a good dog!

Let's be real: Dogs are one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. Sometimes it feels like dogs have it more together than people do!

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I do my best in life, but, at the end of the day, my dog is definitely fancier than I am — and yours probably is too!

Your dog is probably fancier than you if...

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1. He color-coordinates his leash, harness, and collar before going out for a walk every day like a good boy.

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2. Your pup takes treats from your hand in the most polite way possible.

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3. Or your dog shows off their table manners at every picnic and dinner party they go to.

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4. If your pupperoo looks better than you do in their sweats, congrats — that's one fancy babe.

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5. Your dog looks at you like this at the mere suggestion of going outside for a walk in the rain and ruining their good fur day.

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6. Your pet has been invited to more than one wedding and was an *adogable* guest.

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7. Your fur baby cuddles with other fancy pooches every chance they get!

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8. When it's pamper time, your dog is right there by your side getting pampered too.

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9. Your dog poses for photos like this on their daily hike in the Hamptons.

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10. Your doggo is ~not exactly~ the most social boy/girl around, but they do give other fine puppers *the look* when you're out and about together.

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11. Your dog isn't satisfied with their own wardrobe and raids yours for fitting attire.

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12. If you have a "if I fly, she flies" policy with your pup, that's the fancy life.

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13. Your dogger sits for family photos like a true gentleman.

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14. Your dog eats better than you do. Their pet food is filled with organic meat, fish oil, vitamins, and...spirulina? Let's just say in the event of an apocalypse, you could both survive off kibble alone.

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15. You pick your dog up on walks when they are tired, even if you're wearing something nice.

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16. And your dog just absolutely cannot stand when things are messy and consequently cleans dropped food off the floor, couch, and your face!

Harper Hendrickson / BuzzFeed

You and your pup keeping it fancy together:

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