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    Posted on Nov 28, 2017

    11 Fool-Proof Tips To Becoming The Man Of Every Filipina's Dreams

    Paano maging ladies' man, as told by a lady herself.

    So, may ginugusto ka?

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    O baka naman hindi ka lang sure talaga kung paano makaintindi ng babae in general. After all, palagi naman silang ~*hard to decipher*~, hindi ba?

    Well, have no fear. BuzzFeed PH is here!

    redlkeith / Via DeviantArt

    So you must be wondering, paano ba maging ladies' man? SIMPLE LANG 'YAN.

    1. First step is basic: be nice!

    Jollibee Brunei / Via Facebook

    As in, genuinely nice—walang tinatagong motibo, pagnanasa, o expectation ng reciprocation. Just because you're nice to a girl doesn't mean she has to be nice to you "out of courtesy," or that she has to date you.

    2. Keep in mind: girls don't owe you anything.


    Chivalry, being open about sexuality, or anything at all is never a free pass to solicit anything in exchange, whether it be sex or feelings or other material and immaterial things. You know, because girls don't owe you anything in exchange for your kindness, anyway.

    3. Listen to what she wants.

    KZ Tandingan

    And by that we mean listening to the things she isn't saying, as well. Hindi naman ibig sabihin nun na mag-assume ka agad, but what we mean is listen to both the cues and the words, then clarify to ask if that's what she wants.


    Kat Galang

    "Is it that time of the month?" "Red tide ka na ba?" "Nag P-PMS ka ba?" and anything that otherwise implies that girls aren't entitled to feeling the way they do or that they think irrationally.

    5. Think with your head first.


    As in, yung ulo sa bungo mo, hindi yung ulo ng junior mo. Pwede naman hindi unahin ang libog, diba??? She's a person, not a sex toy!!!

    6. Keep your hands to yourself.

    Selena Gomez / Via Youtube

    Remember that you are never entitled to anyone's body, so refrain from or completely avoid any unwanted touching. Sorry, Mareng Selena.


    Reality Entertainment

    "Basta may alak, may balak" MY ASS!!! If she's drinking, that's her choice! That's not an invitation. If you take advantage of someone when they're so far from sober and can't give consent, that's called rape.

    8. Basically, NO MEANS NO.

    Kris Aquino

    NO does not mean "convince me," or "I'm playing hard to get." There is never a pass you can use to harass, rape, or abuse someone. Whether it comes to relationships, sex, or even just asking for her number: NO. MEANS. NO.

    9. Take responsibility for your actions.


    If you do something that steps out of line, it's not that hard to apologize—your testosterone isn't an excuse. Once you offend or hurt someone, you're not in the position to decide whether or not you did.



    It's difficult to erase the misogynistic ideals instilled in us by this wretched patriarchal society, but it's due time that we recognize that we dismantle gender roles and stereotypes (which will benefit you in the long run, too).

    11. Basically, just don't be an asshole.


    It takes far less energy to be a decent person compared to the energy it takes to be a mean, dismissive, and misogynistic person. DON'T BE THAT GUY.



    We're not in elementary. You don't have to be mean to show a girl you like her.*

    *Even if you're in elementary, wag ganyan.

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