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11 Badass Alternatives To Bro Country That You Need In Your Life

These girls will set a fire to your old-school ways.

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1. Maddie and Tae

Sounds like: The duo's first single "Girl in a Country Song" drops July 15 and calls out how women are depicted in country songs: "Tell me one more time you gotta get you some of that / Sure I’ll slide on over, but you’re gonna get slapped." These two mean (beautifully sung) business.

Words Nashville PR uses to describe them: Real.

Key track: "Girl in a Country Song."

2. Danielle Bradbery

Sounds like: Her album's single "Young in America" might be sugary sweet, but this 17-year-old has some seriously dramatic ballads about wild boys and deadbeat husbands up her sleeve.

Words Nashville PR uses to describe her: Sweet, soulful, quintessential personality.

Key tracks: "Young in America," "Endless Summer," "Wild Boy."


8. Caroline Kole

Sounds like: Laid-back and uncomplicated songs reminiscent of early T. Swift, especially "If He'd Ever Look Up," which is about a boy too distracted by his smartphone to notice 16-year-old Kole.

Words Nashville PR uses to describe her: Not your average teenager.

Key tracks: "If He'd Ever Look Up," "Money to Me," and this beautiful cover of Bey's "Pretty Hurts."


11. Kaitlyn Baker

Sounds like: Feisty ultimatum songs, sung with a voice that's a dead ringer for Carrie Underwood's.

Words Nashville PR uses to describe her: Sassy, sweet, Southern grace. Plus, a whole lotta of stuff about having a coal-mining family.

Key tracks: "Better Than That," "Coal Train," "Burn."