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    Posted on Dec 12, 2017

    19 Things You Ate As A Kid But Can't Eat Now

    Definitely not acceptable as an adult.

    1. Crayons.

    Twitter: @s2p0

    When you got bored of sticking them up your nose.

    2. Food that you spat out earlier but want to continue eating now.

    3. Just the icing on a donut.

    Twitter: @bryansamms

    No sprinkles left behind.

    4. Just the icing on a cake.

    Twitter: @BizzieBaker

    Cake is really just a plate to hold icing after all.

    5. Or if you were one of the few kids who hated icing, just the cake beneath the icing.

    Twitter: @BizzieBaker

    A nice surprise for anyone attempting to cut out a slice.

    6. Play-Doh.

    Twitter: @MrSherwood

    Far too delicious looking to be that salty.

    7. Ketchup on its own.

    Fun fact i use to drink ketchup now i hate it #tbt

    Twitter: @HannaBiebs7

    Ideally licked off a plate or chugged from a bottle.

    8. Snow.

    #tbt When eating #snow was acceptable. #me #montreal #cute #kids #winter #canada #80s

    Nature's slushie.

    9. Anything other than the crust on a sandwich.

    Twitter: @RHMaldonado

    A cursed food.

    10. Lip balm

    Twitter: @miawarstler

    It smells nice, so it should taste nice SURELY.

    11. And naturally, lipstick.

    Twitter: @iamkatieschultz

    Probably because you wanted to be pretty, too.

    12. Nutella straight out of the jar.

    Scrunchie in my hair, a furby on my high chair, a telletubbies plate, and a Nutella face. #90s #tbt

    Twitter: @noa_peretz25

    TBH it's perfectly acceptable to still do this now.

    13. Food that has fallen on the floor.

    What mother would let their children eat fries off the floor and take a picture😂😂 #tbt #smh

    Twitter: @jaceyraney

    Five-second rule be damned.

    14. A massive chunk out of a Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

    Twitter: @protomanreboot

    The worst crime in hindsight.

    15. Boogers.

    Twitter: @arielle_lately

    Marginally better than sticking them on something? Maybe??

    16. Paper.

    #TBT Way back to when I was little & all I cared about was eating paper. 💜

    Twitter: @Fallen_Angel356

    We've all been curious.

    17. Drinks with bits of food you spit back into it.

    18. Pet food.

    Mother of God, am I eating dog food?! #tbt

    Twitter: @ersatzcowboy

    "If Mr Fluffballs likes it, it must be tasty, right?"

    19. Cake mix.

    Cake mix eating innovation courtesy of a toddler. Shame most of it ended in his hair...

    Face it, you're never too old for this.

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