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    If These 19 Dog Posts Don't Make You Smile I Don't Know What Will

    "Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat?"

    1. This couple:

    2. This exercise in self restraint:

    3. This accurate measurement:

    4. This undeniable truth:

    5. This exclusive pack:

    6. This reasonable question:

    7. This impressive life goal:

    8. This immovable dog:

    9. This blogger:

    10. This shoutout:

    11. This work of art:

    12. This brutal burn:

    13. This tired employee:

    14. This dog with a conscience:

    15. This excited chap:

    16. This act of innocence:

    17. This suspicious situation:

    18. This cinematic reenactment:

    19. This universal truth: