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24 Jokes About Men You'll Only Get If You're A Woman

Me: How was your day? Man: Speaking of days, did you know there's 24 hours in one?

1. When men teach you the most:

2. When they offer literary critique:

3. When they get away with double standards:

4. When you really don't need to provide much incentive:

5. When you're offered a huge variety of men to choose from:

6. When they're always thinking of you:

7. When they're all the same breed:

8. When they make you feel special:

9. When they lurk:

10. And when they're deeply hardened:

11. When a man has read a book or two:

12. When they're filled with wisdom:

13. When they love a good buildup:

14. When everything is an innuendo:

15. And when they think you're indebted to them:

16. When they really listen to you:

17. When they hug, but it's a manly hug:

18. When it feels like the whole world is against them:

19. And when you have to protect your friends:

20. When they're multilayered, complex individuals:

21. When every male romance author actually writes like this:

22. When they get away with more than you could dream of:

23. When they know how to set a romantic tone:

24. And when they finally reach a quiet slumber: