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21 Jokes You'll Only Get If You've Ever Worked In Customer Service

"I goddamn live here."

1. The untimely customer:

2. Being so very sorry for making a mistake:

3. The alternate persona:

4. The million-dollar question:

5. The truth about the "back":

6. Delivering bad news:

7. Staying polite, despite everything:

8. This hypocritical moment:

9. Solidarity among physically drained colleagues:

10. The manager seal of approval:

11. Turning the charm on when you need to:

12. The ever-refreshing humour:

13. The mathematical dilemma:

14. Customers who know more than you:

15. Destroying displays for no apparent reason:

16. The lively banter:

17. The meaningless "closed" sign:

18. Deliberately withholding from customers:

19. Forgotten manners:

20. Fending for yourself:

21. And eventually returning to freedom: