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    16 Times Hipster Burgers Went Way Too Far

    Just eat your burger and go.

    1. When someone thought up this pimple burger that literally explodes with melted cheese.

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    2. When this burger served with a DIY jug of melted cheese became the messiest thing on the entire planet.

    3. And when this $2000 dollar burger consisting of toppings like lobster, caviar and truffle, coated in a gold leaf was the definition of extra.

    4. When we decided mac and cheese belonged between two burger buns.

    5. When throwing hot cheetos on top of a patty became a crunchy replacement for actual seasoning.

    6. And when creative minds joined forces to create the mac and cheese hot cheetos burger.

    THE MUNCHIE BURGER — Hot Cheetos, Mac and Cheese.

    7. When this 10 patty burger was served, probably with a doctor at hand for the on-the-spot heart attack it's bound to cause.

    8. When this pretty basic burger was seasoned, for some reason, by squeezing lime on top.

    why is this guy squeezing a lime on top of his burger

    9. When someone decided onion rings really deserved their time in the spotlight.

    10. And when the 999 ingredients it took to make this burger became indecipherable.

    11. When fried mac and cheese was used as a bun and made us ask "what ever happened to good old brioche?"

    12. When even a scotch egg became an adequate burger bun.

    13. And when sticky rice was used as the bun for a goddamn sushi burger.

    14. When this ramen and fried chicken burger tried to appeal to the youths.

    15. When burgers became towered with so many ingredients, taking a bite became an olympic sport.

    16. And when pizzas and burgers weren't enough, so we had to have them both.

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