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21 Things You'll Understand If You're Not Yet A Real Adult

"I'm an adult. I don't have to think or do anything."

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2. You get excited about food shopping.

I'm getting excited about going grocery shopping.. Seriously, when did I get a mini van and where is it parked?

Special props if the total comes out under your budget.


9. And you've conditioned yourself to eat healthier.

me: can you pass me that chocolate laura: you wont like it. it's fruit n nut me: im an adult now...

10. To your horror, you now get referred to as a "lady" or "gentleman" instead of a "girl" or "boy".

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Nothing is a worse than when a child bumps into you and the mother tells them to "apologise to the lady".

11. You voted for the first time and were, by far, the most excited person at the polling station.

I voted today and then did what any normal, responsible adult would do. I bought myself a Happy Meal

12. And you’ve probably had a heated argument with someone about leaving dishes in the sink.

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14. And acquiring basic household items makes you feel all grown up.

You know you’re getting old when you actually take time to review vacuum cleaners and you’re excited to get your new Dyson delivered.

16. And you don't get stickers or lollipops at the dentist. Unfortunately.

I was really brave at the dentist today and didn't get a lollipop or anything. Adult life isn't for me.


17. It actually takes effort to maintain some sort of social life.

I used to hang out with friends like every night, and now I'm an adult and my main source of entertainment is seeing my milk isn't expired

20. And you even catch your own spiders.


21. And even though adulthood is hard there are some pros, like eating what you want, when you want.

Just had my 8th pack of lunchables in the last 72 hours I love adulthood

As long as you're aware it isn't a good lifestyle choice, who cares? Live out your childhood dreams of a Nutella and Coco Pops sandwich for dinner.