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    17 Things Only Kids Who Grew Up On The Internet Will Remember

    Facebook, who?

    1. Downloading all the latest hits on Limewire.


    Limewire was ace for downloading viruses and every song had a 90% chance of being Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman..."

    2. Throwing parties in your igloo on Club Penguin.

    If you haven't been banned from Club Penguin for saying "piss off you ugly pink penguin, you can't dance for shit" have you really even lived?

    3. Trying to become the finest Neomillionare in all of Neotopia.

    Possibly the most addictive game of the noughties. The only con of this magical world was that your neopets were really fucking greedy and didn't shut up about food. Also guilds were very cliquey, and SO not what the internet is all about.

    4. And spending all your pocket money on Habbo Hotel.

    You came up with crafty ways to swear where it wouldn't just correct to "bobba" so people knew you were a badass. You either got scammed on here or you scammed others.

    5. Judging others' lives on FML/MLIA/MLIG.

    For some reason, we collectively decided to never question the authenticity of these posts. Many of us submitted real stories every day in the hopes that we would finally be published, to no avail.

    My Life Is Great was exclusively for assholes because no one wants to read about your amazing life.

    6. Spending hours upon hours playing games on Miniclip.

    From Stickman to Red Beard, this was where all the coolest kids hung out to play games. Among the thousands of games on here, there were approximately 12 good ones.

    7. Playing games on the BBC website.


    And quickly switching back to BBC Bitesize when you were discretely playing in your school's computer suite.

    8. And playing glorified pictionary on OMGPOP.

    There were other games on here but you probably only played Draw My Thing. If you were extra special you got fancy pencils and clocks so everyone else in the game would think you were the boss.

    9. Competing with your friends to see who could have the swankiest house on Millsberry.

    Your day was made when you found a rare gem at a yard sale.

    10. Obsessively playing World of Warcraft and forgetting about your real life.

    Half of us probably still play this.

    11. Reading fanfic on AO3.

    Where Green Day and Harry Potter got frisky.

    12. And spending the entire school day counting down the hours until you could go home and play Runescape.

    This was the ultimate place for 13-year-old nerds to find girlfriends.

    13. Pretending you had important things to discuss after school with your friends on MSN Messenger.

    "hi wuu2?" "nm u?" "nm" "kwl brb" "k"

    14. And only using your email to forward chain emails, so that your crush wouldn't die the next day.

    From to

    15. Showing off how many friends you had on Piczo.

    Or pretending you had more than you did. Most importantly, this was all in sparkly text and expertly over-contrasted photos.

    16. Carefully crafting your image on Bebo.

    High school was easier when your popularity was determined by who "owned" your profile picture on here. Half of the drama in your friendship group was because someone wasn't included in someone else's "top friends".

    17. And going on MySpace because it was the only place where being an emo was cool.

    This is where you befriended strangers, and told your parents they used to go to your school but moved abroad when they asked about them. They probably thought everyone at your school was so well-travelled.

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