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    22 Things You'll Get If You And Your Parents Don’t Have The Same First Language

    "Did you not mean to call me a nut fucker?"

    1. There's a lot of miscommunication between you and your parents.

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    Even if you're bilingual.

    2. You often spend far too long trying to find the right word.

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    "What's that word that means you're angry, but like, you're not? OMG I swear there's a word for it!"

    3. You sometimes forget that words aren't interchangeable.

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    Telling your gran you'll "text" her means absolutely nothing to her.

    4. Speaking fast is practically a sin in your house.

    5. And you find yourself wanting to use words from the other language with your friends.


    Why must language have such strict confines?

    6. You might perfectly understand your parents' first language.

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    7. But your relatives still gossip about you when you're sat right next to them.


    8. While you patiently sit and wait for them to dig themselves a deeper hole.


    9. If you even slightly butcher a word they'll laugh at you.

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    While you'd never dare do the same about their accents.

    10. So you're extra careful when you're speaking to them now.


    11. You probably went through a phase where you were embarrassed by your parents in public.

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    Although you think they're amazing now.

    12. You had to read a lot of non-English books to appease them.

    13. And you had to translate things they missed while watching movies.

    that awkward moment when you try to explain to your parents the english jokes they're missing cuz of the dub and they don't laugh #Sherlock

    14. They always got you to make phone calls for them because you sound more fluent.


    "Yep this is Mrs Andris. Yep, she... I mean, I was born in 1969."

    15. You were always handed the phone to talk to relatives you don't know.


    16. And when you visited them in their home country, some of their local slang was beyond your scope.


    17. You get frustrated when you try to explain something and your parents just don't get it.


    18. And autocorrect is not your friend.

    19. You make jokes that go right over their head.

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    20. And when you try making a joke in your second language it sometimes doesn't land.

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    Humour clearly isn't universal.

    21. You speak to them in your language and they reply in theirs.

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    Anyone observing will look confused AF at how you communicate.

    22. And you've ended up forming your own shared language that's a mix of the most convenient words from the two.


    It's like a wonderful family secret.

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