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    24 Things You Know If Your Best Friend Lives Stupidly Far Away

    Every day is one day closer to the next time you'll see each other.

    1. You spend time with your other friends and all you can think about is how much you miss your own partner in crime.

    Because the two of you are as cute as it gets.

    2. You're constantly retelling the people in your life about your antics.

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    You know they don't care, but you need to keep the memories alive.

    3. You often remember your own inside jokes and laugh to yourself.


    Followed by an immediate pang of sadness.

    4. And you always instinctively look for them in a room when something happens and you want to give them that look.

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    "I guess I'll just carry a mirror around and be my own friend instead."

    5. You send them your ugliest selfies.

    Because you want them to remember you at your best.

    6. And you're always the first to hype up their selfies and social media posts.


    You're being mega supportive but also marking your territory when it comes to their new friends.

    7. You still know the ins and outs of each other's lives.

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    You probably even have your friend's menstrual cycle memorised.

    8. You passionately hate people in their lives you've never met.


    It KILLS you that you can't be there to put anyone who wrongs your friend in their place.

    9. You make executive life decisions for them.


    10. And you send them irrationally angry text messages when they mention something in their life they haven't clued you in on.


    11. If you're unfortunate enough to live in different time zones, you always seem to JUST miss each other.

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    When you check the time, you immediately work out what time it is for your BFF, and you probably get your friend to call you in the morning to wake you up.

    12. Sometimes you go through periods where you fall really out of sync.

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    13. And you make sure you're super dramatic about it.


    14. You often send each other really long pep talks.

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    No matter how much time passes, you know exactly what the other needs to hear.

    15. You constantly get "this reminded me of you" messages.

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    And when either of you is feeling down, you immediately play a string of "I'll be right over with ice cream and chocolate" texts, because that would be the dream cure.

    16. You probably leave them soppy drunken voicemails when you can't reach them.

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    Because even though you're proud and super supportive of all they're doing in their life, you really just miss them sometimes.

    17. You occasionally get to fit in Skype movie nights and it's almost as great as the real thing.


    18. When you do get a chance to catch up, your phone bill is honestly quite ridiculous.

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    "No way have we been talking for 2 hours and 32 minutes, I don't believe it."

    19. And FaceTiming is a rare and beautiful treasure.

    All the screenshots!

    20. But nothing compares to the end of the countdown to when you get to see each other again.


    21. Because there's no greater feeling than seeing your bestie in person.

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    22. You spend hours recounting stories you've already told each other in great detail.


    23. And you easily fall back into your old ways together like nothing has changed at all.

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    You can talk about literally anything and be disgusting with no boundaries.

    24. Because you know that you don't need to talk every day to know that you're still there for each other.

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