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23 Things You Know If You Don't Have A Basic Name

"When I saw your name, I thought you were going to be a boy."

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3. But you eventually got tired and started going by a nickname.

#GrowingUpWithMyName I introduce myself wit my short name to save the hassle of trying to pronounce my whole nameπŸ˜’


11. Three repeats is always the limit of the back and forth.

"What's your name?" Hailey "Katie?" No, Hailey. "Kaylee?" Yeah sure... #growingupwithmyname

12. After that, either you give up and let them call you whatever.

"nice to meet you Molly!" Oh actually it's Mallory:) "my apologies Marley" No...Mallory. "Valerie?" ...yep. #GrowingUpWithMyName


15. You feel painfully anxious when your name is going to be called out in front of lots of people.

#GrowingUpWithMyName having to teach the vice principal how to say my name before graduation so she wouldn't fuck it up πŸ˜‚


20. Because people still manage to spell it wrong when it's written out in front of them.

It's almost like I don't know how to spell my name so people CHANGE IT WHEN IT'S WRITTEN OUT FOR THEM


22. You probably resented your parents for not giving you an easier name.

#GrowingUpWithMyName I hate my parents for this

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