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    22 Things You Know If You're A Girl Who Gets Ready In 15 Minutes

    "Do I sleep for another 20 minutes or do my makeup?"

    1. You've really mastered the art of multitasking.

    2. It takes you no time at all to do your makeup in the morning.

    3. You either don’t wear makeup at all or you stick with the same basic look.

    4. Sometimes you look at others and think you should put in more effort...

    Me at school: why am I so ugly??? Me that morning: it's ok if I sleep in until 7:15 and leave myself 15 minutes to get ready

    5. But why would you do that when it's so easy to just go over yesterday's look?

    6. You're actually a horrible morning person and the earlier you get up the more time you'd have to dwell on it.

    But you have no time to be bitter when you're in a rush.

    7. You set about 10 alarms each morning so the last hour in bed really feels like a lie-in.

    8. Even if you do wake up early you'll just scroll through your phone until the last possible minute.

    9. You're so fast that you honestly can't remember what used to take you so long.

    freshman year it took me an hour and a half to get ready in the morning now it takes me 6 minutes. now that's what i call improvement

    10. You spare a quick thought on what you're going to wear the next day before going to sleep.

    11. And you practically wear the same few outfits on loop anyway.

    12. Last minute plans or quick errands don't phase you because you can get ready to go out in an instant.

    13. Although you’ve probably had occasions where you end up missing a crucial makeup step or wear your top back to front.

    14. Your friends still doubt your lifestyle sometimes.

    15. But despite the late start, you always end up being ready first and complain when you have to wait for them.

    16. In fact, you're probably rarely actually late to work or social events.

    17. Dry shampoo is your best friend.

    18. And you're a passionate night-showerer, because you have no time to spare in the morning.

    19. You can’t remember the last time you actually sat down and ate breakfast at home.

    20. If you intend on taking a packed lunch, you know to prepare it the night before or it's not going to happen.

    21. You continue to challenge yourself and your ability to get ready on a deadline.

    22. Nothing's stopped you so far, so you'll keep pushing the boundary further and further.