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    26 Things Most Glasses Wearers Secretly Wish They Could Do

    There's so much we sacrifice for the gift of sight.

    1. Drink a hot drink without steaming up your lenses.

    2. Walk through the rain if, you know, you actually enjoy seeing things.

    3. Or go near the oven without being greeted by a waft of blinding heat.

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    4. Lie down to read a book or watch TV without this happening.

    5. Look at anything on a screen without the reflection of your glasses broadcasting what you're looking at.

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    Not that you have anything super private to do but it'd be nice.

    6. Or use Snapchat filters without the algorithm thinking you are four different faces at once.

    7. Go a significant amount of time without someone wanting to try on your glasses before dramatically asking "OMG is this how you seeeee?????"

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    8. Wear a face mask, unless you want to get muck all over your frames.

    9. Watch 3D movies without looking like an actual real-life moron.

    10. Or wear sunglasses without sacrificing your sight, leading you to sport this super fashionable look instead.

    11. Go for a run without your glasses flying all over the place, or slipping away because of sweat.

    Time to accept defeat and just run into the blurry abyss.

    12. Tell whether the glasses you’re trying on actually look good because the lenses aren’t vision-correcting.

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    Getty Images

    13. Take your glasses off without people freaking out over how different you look.

    14. Hang out with babies without them grabbing at your face.

    15. Escape the fear of inadvertently ignoring someone you know because you literally cannot see them.

    16. Clean your glasses without making it a whole lot worse.

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    Yeah, you shouldn't be using your sweater but god knows where you put the actual glasses cloth.

    17. Or get over what life looks like in HD when you finally put on a clean pair.

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    18. Apply decent makeup – because you can't see what you're doing without your glasses, and they just get in the way if you keep them on.


    These versatile glasses are ridiculous but we all need 10 pairs immediately.

    19. Or wear mascara without it severely obstructing your vision.

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    Because it ALWAYS ends up smudging on the lens.

    20. Dye your hair without getting your glasses dirty.

    21. Or have your picture taken without having your face obstructed by lens glare.

    RIP the beautiful photographs that could've been.

    22. Stop impulsively pushing the bridge of your nose, even when you aren’t wearing your glasses.

    23. Ever dream of not having permanent indentations on your nose.

    24. Really, truly know what you look like without glasses.

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    Assuming you don't wanna stick contacts in your eyes, I guess.

    25. Go for an eye test without knowing how badly you're going to fail.

    26. And ever find your glasses when you lose them, because you NEED your glasses to FIND your glasses.

    The most infuriating paradox of all time.

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