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19 Things That Happened On School Trips That Were Actually Kind Of Great

Flipping off kids from other schools and buying pencils from the zoo.

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1. You all got super excited because a school trip meant a day off from classes.

2. Even if what qualified as a school trip was often a stretch.

If you ever think your school is tragic just remember my primary school took us on a trip to 'Morrisons' to look at dead fish

3. You got your mum to take you to the shops the night before to stock up on snacks for the coach.

4. And you regretted buying these because they'd burst in your bag and ruin everything.

5. One kid forgot their permission slip on the morning of the trip and had to be left behind.

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6. It was a race to sit at the back of the coach.

7. And sitting next to the right person was mega important.

The juiciest gossip session was about to go down.
Twitter: @applesdjh

The juiciest gossip session was about to go down.

8. The teacher would constantly remind you that, "You're representing your school on this trip, so be on your best behaviour."

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9. And when you pulled up next to another school's coach you'd flip each other off.

Everyone knew you were rivals for a day.
Twitter: @trishmane

Everyone knew you were rivals for a day.

10. You probably had actual school work to do but gave up within five minutes.

11. Some kids would sneak off to nearby shops.

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Or a pub where they chanced being served.

12. The day's lunch consisted of something like this.

13. Which one kid threw back up on the coach on the way home.

14. If it was an overnight trip, the boys snuck into the girls room after lights out.

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15. And whichever sucker fell asleep first would wake up with a dick drawn on their face or wet pyjama pants.

I remember once on a school trip someone put something in my mouth when I was asleep and my instant reaction was to punch him in the nose

16. Your parents gave you some spending money and you always came back with a whole bag of pencils and rubbers.

You probably still have them somewhere.
Twitter: @KingstonMuseum

You probably still have them somewhere.

17. You'd always buy really weird shit from the souvenir shop.

18. And by the time you got back, groups of best friends had fallen out and a bunch of couples had started dating.

Anyone who didn't come on the trip was confused AF.
Twitter: @Nickcurrie19

Anyone who didn't come on the trip was confused AF.

19. Because school trips changed everything.

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Until you finally stopped talking about it a week later.

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